Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You were looking for what?!

A friend of mine who has a personal blog (going for almost 10 years!) used to periodically make a list of the funny keywords people used on internet search engines that led them to her blog. I always enjoyed them and wanted to do something similar for my blog. I had never really paid attention to keyword paths until recently when I waded through some on my stat site. While some were pretty basic, others were downright hilarious! I've listed some of the most amusing or interesting ones below with my reactions. I'm using dashes instead of spaces for some of these so that people don't use the same keyword paths again to find my site.

Seductive-classic-movie-moments - Yes please. I'll take two.

Pressure-Point-lipstick-tic-tac-toe - I haz it!

Famous-Film-Noir-cloche-hat-scene - Whatever this person is looking for, I bet the right words are at the tip of the tongue.

People-that-got-rich-thanks-to-the-great-depression - Those bastards!

A-Face-in-the-Crowd-Vitajex-scene - I haz it!

Classic film calendars - get this one -> Universe's Movie Posters Calendar 2009

Double-Indemnity-matches - huh?

Fred-MacMurray-matches-Double Indemnity - OK I get it. I posted about how I thought Fred MacMurray's ability to light a match with his thumb was oddly sexy. Read it here.

1930's-gay-movie - Well, Let Us Be Gay is definitely 1930 and Norma Shearer was definitely gay. In the jovial sense.

What-necklace-did-norma-shearer-wear-in-The-Women? - I need to join forces with this person to find the long lost booty of Norma. Arr. We search for buried treasure.

Kirk-Douglas-naked -I haz it!

Kirk-Douglas-in-bed-with-cigar - I haz it!

Why do I enjoy watching classic film? - Good question my friend. I ask myself that question every day and I love coming up with answers.

Classic-nun-sex-movies - OK that's just wrong!

Leslie-Nielsen-children's-narrator - He's got a wonderful voice for a narrator. I loved his storytelling in the long lost Canadian TV show Katie & Orbie. This search probably led them to my Young Leslie Nielsen post.

Coolattas3 - I think Kevin has a stalker.

Garbo-at-party-at-Otto-Preminger - Did she actually come out of hiding and attend a Preminger party? I need my resident Preminger and Garbo experts to come answer this one. Kevin and Jonas, where are you?

Robert Mitchum in a trenchcoat - Nice one. Here you go!

I encourage other film bloggers to post any funny or interesting keyword paths that have lead internet roamers to your site. Consider yourselves tagged!


  1. Ehum... Disclamation...
    To my knowledge Preminger and Garbo wasn't that acquainted. His name isn't mentioned in any of the Garbo biographies I have at hand. They may have met, but Garbo normally didn't attend any Hollywood parties after 1926. I'm sure Preminger's parties were great though. "Let's have pretzels, let's have beer!" :)

  2. Those are some interesting search terms. I haven't had my blog for that long, but I've already noticed a few keywords that made me go back to Google just to see if anyone could really find me that way, they were so random. Compiling them should be fun.

  3. Jonas - Thanks for clarifying. I just got one that said James-Dean-affair-with-Dorothy-Dandridge. I doubt that one too!

    Princess - I liked the ones you posted!

  4. LOL, great topic - I'm going to have to dig more now! I can usually tell right after TCM has shown certain films by the referring searches - interesting stuff.

  5. Oooo... Dandridge and Dean, not impossible. They were friends. But I guess your informer might have mixed up James Dean with Marlon Brando who definitely had "the hots" for her. Apparently James Dean was attracted to older women and Dandridge was almost ten years his senior so... By that I rest my case.

  6. This was a good idea, Raquelle! I was just realizing how creative and fun Princess Fire & Music's post titles were when I saw your post about this. I'll try and oblige! The only one that may qualify is my ongoing 'Deco Dame' theme...

  7. Since my blog is all about actresses of the twenties and thirties, I have seen searches for just about everyone of them nude, and that includes Zazu Pitts! Some of them actually stay and look at the images of their search subject fully clothed :-)

  8. Funny stuff. :)

    I always like looking through search terms...

    Perhaps the 'Classic Nun sex movies' is Andy Warhol's DIRT? It has nuns at the beginning, and then sex in the bathtub...

    Is Robert Mitchum gonna shoot me? ;)

    He's pointing it awful close...


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