Sunday, December 14, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

Christmas in nigh upon us. I got myself a little Christmas tree. She's a beaut. It's a dwarf Alberta Spruce and the best part about it is that I get to plant it in the Spring and watch it grow. No dead tree carcass waste here. I'm on a tight budget so buying this tree was a bit of a splurge for me. I just decorated her with one sole snowman ornament and a bit of leftover yarn.

After I wrote my Buyer's Guide: Books for Classic Film Fans post, I got to thinking. As a classic film fan, what would I want for Christmas? Apart from DVDs and books that is. What other items in the form of coolness are there out there for me to enjoy? And of course, I came up with a list.

New York Herald Tribune T-Shirt (Yellow) @ Zazzle

I could wear it just like Jean Seberg did in Breathless (1960). Now all I need is a ticket to Paris and I could walk down the Champs D'Elysees and my Jean-Paul Belmondo would approach me offering me a trip to Italy. Yup. That's realistc right?

Ticket Stub Diary @ Borders

I got this for Kevin for Christmas. He's been collecting ticket stubs for eons so I thought this was the best way for him to keep the most memorable ones intact. It's so cool, I'd like one myself.

Jazz Age Note Cards @ Barnes & Noble

I picked up a set of these at my local Bob Slate Stationery store (not at B&N) and fell in love with them. I gave them out as birthday cards to many friends and now that I'm running low, I need some more! These cards are the perfect excuse for me to practice my 1920's slang.

Tattinger Champagne Ad with Grace Kelly Magnet @ All Posters

I've always loved this image of Grace Kelly behind a very tall glass of champagne. It's elegant and beautiful. And since I enjoy acquiring new magnets, this would be a perfect addition to my fridge collection.

The Waning Sex (1926) with Norma Shearer Tile Coaster @ Cafe Press

Who better to prevent nasty rings on my beloved coffee table than Norma Shearer? While the Queen of MGM may not appreciate being subjected to such a lowly task, this is still definitely a collector's item I would love to have.

Jean Harlow Bottle Cap Charm @ Etsy

Etsy is the best. Full of beautiful handmade items sold by the folks who made them. There are a lot of things here that would catch the eye of any classic film fan. It's all fun stuff like jewelry, magnets, cigarette cases, etc.

Humphrey Bogart Stamp Jigsaw Puzzle @ USPS

The United States Postal Service sure loves classic films. With Frank Sinatra and Bette Davis recently honored with stamps, classic film fans are sure to find something they want in the USPS store. And right now I would love to sit down and work on this Humphrey Bogart puzzle!

TCM Khaki Fleece Blanket @ TCM's Boutique

The office I work at is very cold. And since my work area is already plastered with classic film memorabilia, why not add to it a nice warm fleece blanket? It's dual purpose. Warmth and decoration. Plus plus. And I could also warm up with some tea in a TCM mug too!

Marilyn Monroe T-Shirt @ Retro Factory

It's to add to my collection of Marilyn Monroe T-shirts. Which is right now at 5. Yes that's right. I have 5 Monroe shirts. I am a dork. And to perpetuate my dorkiness, I need this extra-cool shirt NOW.

Regular Membership @ The Brattle Theatre

I love this theatre and my friend Kevin got me this membership as a Christmas present. Yay! What's better than supporting a local independent theatre that continually showcases excellent films? It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Stop Staring 40's Golden Vogue Holiday Dress @ Unique Vintage

I absolutely adore Unique Vintage. They have retro-ware inspired by eras from the 1920's to the 1950's. It's all sexy and fun and new (in an old way). This particular dress looks straight out of a 1940's film.


  1. Hmmm...The question is, have you been good? Well of course you have! :))

  2. Cute little tree you've got there. :)

    Gonna check out this Unique Vintage store [in a different tab]...WOW. Gorgeous, but pricey.

    I hope you get lots of great stuff from your list. :)

  3. Jonas - Yes I have! I've gone without a lot of things, so I deserve something. Right?

    Ginger - Unique-Vintage has a lot of inexpensive stuff too. Just be careful as some of the materials are a bit shoddy. I had to return a few items. Just read the descriptions well and have fun shopping!

  4. I never saw most of those sites before, they look awesome!
    PS: I have a question, you did a post on search engine terms (or something)on a stat page. How do you get them?


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