Friday, December 5, 2008

But when I talk I scare the fellas away...

Somedays I feel like Connie Lane (June Allyson) in Good News (1947). ::sigh::

Lucky in love, lucky in love
Guess I never will be lucky in love
Some girls are gay, know what to say
But when I talk I scare the fellas away
If my dream man should ever arrive
I can bet he won't even know I'm alive
Lucky in love, must be fun to be someone
Who's oh so lucky in love

So if I can't have my real man
There's only one way to thrive
Just imagine, that he loves me dearly
Just imagine, that I'm his sincerely.
I'm pretending that he's sending
Love notes ending with "I love you".

When he's near make it clear
Your mind's as empty as a bubble
When you speak, keep it meek
But one sly wink is sure to make him think
the meaning's double.
That's so much trouble!
Saying neither "yes" nor "no"
Keeping him at bay
If that's how you get a beau
Then down with it all
Yes down with it all I say
There must be an easier way

It's all Banana Oil!!!


  1. Banana Oil n.

    1. A liquid mixture of amyl acetate and usually nitrocellulose, having a bananalike odor and used as a solvent or flavoring agent.

    2. a liquid ester derived from amyl alcohol.

    3. Slang Insincere flattery; nonsensical exaggeration.

  2. Banana Oil?! I note that one in my book of weird english expressions :)

    Cheer up doll!

  3. I think "Banana oil" needs to be reintroduced into the English vocabulary.

    Thanks Jonas. I'll try.


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