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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New & Upcoming Classic Film Books (12)

New year, new books! I'm excited to present to you another classic film book round-up. There are so many new releases that I had to be a tad more selective this time. I didn't include some of the higher priced scholarly books and kept mostly to trade and books that I thought you all would be interested in. If you think I overlooked an important title, let me know and I'm happy to add it in!

Are you new to my list? Here are the details. Links lead to Goodreads or buy pages where you can order or pre-order the title. Books include biographies, memoirs, scholary texts, coffee table books and more from a variety of publishers. Publication dates range from January to July and these are subject to change. Using my buy links helps support this site. Thank you!

If you want to hear me chatting about classic film books (and why wouldn't you?) I was a special guest on two episodes of The Movie Palace Podcast including one recorded with the host Carl Sweeney, Classic Film Books episode, and one recorded with Carl and my good friend Vanessa, Gift Ideas episode.

Now on to the books...

A Kid’s History of the Movie Image From Dawn of Time to About 1939
by Jennifer Churchill
33 pages – Available Now
AmazonOfficial Website

by Murray Pomerance
SUNY Press
274 pages – January 2019

The Man Behind Creepy, Vampirella, And Famous Monsters
by Bill Schelly
272 pages – January 2019

Fighting Words, Moving Pictures
by Adina Hoffman
Yale University Press
264 pages – February 2019

A Biography of Vivien Leigh
by Alan Strachan
336 pages – February 2019

by Ralph Hancock and Letitia Fairbanks
Lyons Press
296 pages – February 2019

A Hollywood Memoir
by Victoria Riskin
Pantheon Books
416 pages – February 2019

by Jan Wahl and Morgana Wallace
Penny Candy Books
36 pages – February 2019

edited by Martin F. Norden
University Press of Mississippi
272 pages – February 2019

American Silent Cinema and the Utopian Imagination
by Ryan Jay Friedman
Rutgers University Press
232 pages – February 2019

Creating Marilyn Monroe
by Amanda Konkle
Rutgers University Press
280 pages – February 2019

Sam Peckinpah, a Revolution in Hollywood, and the Making of a Legendary Film
by W. K. Stratton
Bloomsbury Publishing
352 pages – February 2019

A Century of Screen Sex Scandals
by Nigel Blundell
Pen and Sword History
176 pages – February 2019

by Patrick McGilligan
640 pages – March 2019

The Hidden Environmental Costs of the Movies
by Hunter Vaughn
Columbia University Press
265 pages – March 2019

All That's Left to Know About the Provocateur of Bad Taste
by Dale Sherman
Applause Theatre & Cinema Books
400 pages – March 2019

Quick Takes
Dahlia Schweitzer
Rutger University Press
188 pages – March 2019

The Influence on Costume and Set Design
by Lora Ann Sigler
162 pages – March 2019

Iconoclastic Writer and Militant Zionist
by Julien Gorbach
Purdue University Press
484 pages – March 2019

Shooting a Masterpiece
by Christopher Frayling and Angleo Novi
Reel Art Press
336 pages – March 2019

Sinatra of the Seine, My Dad Eddie Constantine
by Tanya Constantine
Feral House
202 pages – March 2019

More than a Scarecrow
by Holly Van Leuven
Oxford University Press
256 pages – March 2019
AmazonBarnes and Noble 

How Young Charlie Chaplin Taught the World to Laugh (and Cry)
by Gary Golio and Ed Young
Candlewick Press
48 pages – March 2019
Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Powells

The Phenomenology of Spectacle
by James Phillips
Oxford University Press
136 pages – March 2019

Betty Comden & Adolph Green’s Musicals and Movies
by Andy Propst
Oxford University Press
288 pages – March 2019

Quick Takes
by Rebecca Bell-Metereau
Rutgers University Press
130 pages – March 2019

Performing the Modern
by Shirley Jennifer Limv Temple University Press
262 pages – April 2019

Audrey Hepburn and World War II
by Robert Matzen
GoodKnight Books
400 pages – April 2019

The Pre-Code Era (1930-1934): When Sin Rules the Movies
by Mark A. Vieira
Turner Classic Movies and Running Press
256 pages – April 2019

An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies
by Jill Tietjen and Barbara Bridges
Lyons Press
400 pages– April 2019

by Caroline Jones
Carlton Publishing Group
160 pages – April 2019

Lady Triumphant
by Victoria Amador
University Press of Kentucky
406 pages – April 2019

An Animal Rights Memoir
by Brigitte Bardot with Anne Cecile Huprelle
200 pages – April 2019

Every Film, Every Role
by Ellen Cheshire
Sonicbond Publishing
144 pages – May 2019

25 Movies to Make You Film Literate
by Vincent Lobrutto
299 pages – May 2019

Life, Death, Love, Art, and Scandal at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont
by Shawn Levy
384 pages – May 2019

Duke's Solutions to Life's Challenges
by the editors of the Official John Wayne Magazine
Media Lab Books
224 pages – May 2019

The Films of a Hollywood Giant
by Neil Sinyard
238 pages – May 2019

The Corleone Family Cookbook
by Liliana Battle and Stacey Tyzzer
Insight Editions
208 pages – May 2019

by John Billheimer
University Press of Kentucky
360 pages – May 2019
AmazonBarnes and Noble

The Stars, the Films, the Filmmakers
by Donald Bogle
Turner Classic Movies and Running Press
264 pages – May 2019

by James L. Neibaur
134 pages – May 2019

Actress and Humanitarian, from The 39 Steps to the Red Cross
by John Pascoe
208 pages – May 2019

Every Movie, Every Star
by Sam Proctor
Sonicbond Publishing
144 pages – May 2019

A Life of John Buchan
by Ursual Buchan
Bloomsbury Publishing
496 pages – June 2019

Exquisite Ironies and Magnificent Obsessions
by Tom Ryan
University Press of Mississippi
320 pages – June 2019

A Contrarian History of American Screen Comedy from Silent Slapstick to Screwball
by David Kalat
247 pages – June 2019

50 Leading Ladies Who Made History
by Sloan De Forest
Turner Classic Movies and Running Press
248 pages – July 2019

The Gabors Behind the Legend
by Sam Staggs
352 pages – July 2019

A Remarkable Woman
by Anne Edwards
Lyons Press
448 pages – July 2019

Inspiration from the Goddess of Glam
by Michelle Morgan
Running Press
208 pages – July 2019

Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan
by J. Hoberman
The New Press
400 pages – July 2019

Displaying the Moving Image, 1926-1942
by Ariel Rogers
Columbia University Press
288 pages – July 2019

Male Beauty, Masculinity, and Stardom in Hollywood
by Gillian Kelly
University Press of Mississippi
224 pages – July 2019

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