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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stars & Their Hobbies ~ Clara Bow

Clara Bow, Sports

"I became a regular tomboy - played baseball, football and learned to box." - Clara Bow

Clara Bow playing baseball circa 1926 - Source
Clara Bow boxing in heels - Source

Clara Bow playing tennis

Clara Bow was a tough cookie. She had a rough childhood and growing up poor in Brooklyn didn't help things either. And although Hollywood would come to see her as the glamorous IT girl, at heart she was really a tomboy. She played baseball, tennis and other sports and was even a track-and-field star in high school.

Clara Bow and USC Football
She also really loved football and would attend as many USC Trojans games as she could. At the end of football season, she'd entertain the entire football team at her home. This led to a nasty accusation that she did more than just wine and dine them. She did date USC quarterback Morely Drury at one time but really she was just a fan of the sport. The scandal did adversely affect Bow adversely and she took former secretary Daisy DeVoe, who started the rumor, to court.

Clara Bow with Chester Colins circa 1927

Clara Bow also loved roller skating and could be spotted skating up and down her driveway.


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