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I started @ClassicFilmRead on Twitter on August 5th, 2010. I didn't want anyone to find out that I created it but eventually people got curious and I revealed that I was the person behind the account.

My intention with @ClassicFilmRead is to provide followers with a steady stream of links to posts written by classic film bloggers. My motto is "Bringing you the wonders of classic film reading online." @ClassicFilmRead is run using TwitterFeed and updates automatically whenever a new post goes up on a pre-selected blog. It's all run by RSS. I check the account a few times a week but for the most part it runs on its own.

Why did I create @ClassicFilmRead ? I wanted to give classic film bloggers, like myself and others that I read or don't read, added exposure on Twitter. Bloggers may not have a Twitter account, or if they do they will tweet about their blog and other stuff too. This Twitter account is only about the posts. Occasionally I'll retweet someone or write a unique tweet but for the most part I stick to the steady stream of posts. Some people reach out to me on the service and I try to direct them to the bloggers whenever I can. It's not my intent to say that I have written all these articles. On the contrary, I try to make it clear by using the blog's name in the tweet that I am only linking. Also, I have this in my header: "Please contact the bloggers directly with your comments." And yes I include my own classic film blog as well as my Robert Mitchum Tumblr. I try to follow everyone back on the service if I can.

My profile picture for @ClassicFilmRead is of Bonita Granville holding a wrench and my background is of Ginger Rogers holding a wrench. I love that they match! There is no significance behind the pictures other than I like them and they are both of classic film stars.

I hope you enjoy @ClassicFilmRead . If you have any suggestions for classic film bloggers you'd like to see featured on the account, please feel free to email me at QuelleLove at gmail or just tweet to @ClassicFilmRead. I'm open to suggestions as long as they are bloggers who write about classic films exclusively and their blog has an RSS feed.

Watch this space as I will be adding a full list of featured bloggers on here soon.

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