2016 TCMFF Red Carpet Interviews

Turner executives Coleman Breland and Jennifer Dorian
Actor Darryl Hickman
Film Critic Leonard Maltin
Film researcher Lillian Michelson (includes also director Daniel Raim and producer Jennifer Raim)
Film Critic Sr. Rose Pacatte
Actor Chris Lemmon (son of Jack Lemmon)
Actress Gina Lollobrigida

2017 TCMFF Red Carpet Interviews

Film critic Leonard Maltin 
Actor Stathis Gialellis of America America (1963) 
Author Beverly Gray 
Director Producer Todd Fisher 
Talk Show Host Dick Cavett

2018 TCMFF Red Carpet Interviews

Director Bill Morrison
Silent Film Accompanist Ben Model
Actress Ruta Lee
Film Critic Leonard Maltin
Author Alan K. Rode
Wyatt McCrea (grandson of Joel McCrea and Frances Dee)
Actors Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey


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