Tuesday, December 16, 2008

20 Actresses Movie Meme

I was just dying for someone to tag me for the 20 Actresses Movie Meme started The Film Experience blog. But I was patient because I knew that Ibetolis over at the excellent blog Film for the Soul would tag me. He's always very kind to think of me and I appreciate that a lot.

It was a lot of fun working on this list. I discovered that my tastes are by no means mainstream or ordinary. Ladies are presented in no particular order, except for the Queen of MGM who always gets top billing.

~ Norma Shearer ~

~ Joan Blondell ~

~ Susan Peters ~

~ Sandra Dee ~

~ Bette Davis ~

~Ruby Keeler ~

~ Doris Day ~

~ Jean Harlow ~

~ Kim Novak ~

~ Marilyn Monroe ~

~ Bonita Granville ~

~ Ginger Rogers ~

~ Jean Seberg ~

~ Jean Hagen ~

~ Caroll Baker ~

~ Shirley MacLaine ~

I couldn't just make this all about classic film ladies, when there are so many contemporary actresses I enjoy watching too. Here are a few.

~ Amy Adams ~

~ Samantha Morton ~

~ Romola Garai ~

~Ludivine Sagnier~

(thanks Jonas for the photo of Ludivine!)

I'll tag Jonas of All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!, Ginger of Asleep in New York, Carrie of Classic Montgomery, CK Dexter Haven of Hollywood Dreamland and Sarah of Cinema Splendor. Not so much as a tag, more like a smack. Hee hee. Have fun!


  1. Fantastic list, well worth the wait. I found this list almost intolerable because of the wonderful talent I had to leave out.

    How on earth I missed out Bette Davis and Jean Seberg I'll never know. Kudos must also go for choosing Shirley MacLaine, Jean Harlow and Norma Shearer (of course).

    I'm glad I could be the one to tag you for this, it seemed to me that this meme was made for some 'Out of the Past' treatment.

    You've got a meme tag partner for life here. :)

  2. Wow, my first-ever tag! I'm betting I'm the only one who includes Gail Patrick on their list. ;)

  3. EEEEE I'm so excited.
    I think you (and everybody else) will know who my numero uno is ;D

  4. Ibetolis - Thanks as always. Your list was excellent! I like the idea of having a meme tag partner for life.

    CK - First ever tag? Awesome!

    Sarah - Umm.. Gee I wonder?

  5. Thanks for the smack Raquel!
    Great list!
    Susan Peters, I don't think I have seen any of her work...
    Romola Garai was great in Atonement. I still think her name sounds like a hot Indian dish :)

    I'll have my list up this week-end.

  6. Thanks for tagging me, Raquelle. :)

    You and I have five in common...

    I also thought of including Ruby Keeler and Kim Novak...they'd be in my top thirty, at least.


    There are a few on your list I've never even heard of! Interesting choices, and gorgeous pictures, except poor Jean Hagen(?) whose mascara's about to run. ;)

  7. Jonas - Smack! Thanks again for the Ludivine picture. It's HOT.

    Susan Peters was in Random Harvest and Keep Your Powder Dry. She had such a sad story. I was always taken with her genuine sweetness.

    Ginger - You're very welcome. I liked your list. I'm glad we have such diverse and unique tastes.

    That's the only Jean Hagen picture I had. I always admired her for that scene in Asphalt Jungle where she cries and her mascara runs and she removes her false eyelashes. It epitomizes the "realism" that film noir is so famous for.

  8. Great list. Pleased you named Susan Peters.


  10. "That's the only Jean Hagen picture I had. I always admired her for that scene in Asphalt Jungle where she cries and her mascara runs and she removes her false eyelashes. It epitomizes the "realism" that film noir is so famous for."

    Wow. That's sounds awesome, actually. I started watching that movie a few months ago, but something interrupted.

  11. Here's my top 20... in no order. Amazing we don't have any of the same...

  12. I adore Jean Harlow :) "Underwear makes me uncomfortable and besides my parts have to breathe." - love her!!

  13. I love your blog. Thank you for posting this stuff. I love that you put Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow two of my favorites! I may have stuck Barbara Stanwyck in there somewhere. Keep up the good work


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