Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Movie Consumption

I didn't quite overdose like I did last year (see my previous post about that) but I did manage to squeeze in a good number of movies during the Christmas break. I still have another week of movie-viewing which I'll consider my New Year's Movie Consumption.

The surprising thing is that I didn't watch Christmas Carol (1938). I have an annual tradition of reading the classic Dickens book (this one is the best edition) and viewing the original film. This year I skipped both. I felt like this was by no means a traditional Christmas, so I kept to non-traditional movies instead.

Dr. No (1962) ~ My introduction to the world of Bond, James Bond.

Get Smart (2008) ~ What a disappointment!

The Naked City (1948) ~ Excellent! A post about this is sure to come.

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) ~ Dennis Morgan! ::sigh::

Love, Actually (2003) ~ Dip it in yogurt, and cover it with chocolate buttons!

Holiday Affair (1949) ~ It's a Mitchum Christmas.

Kiss Me, Stupid (1964) ~ One of the sexiest films I've seen, ever!

Fortune Cookie (1966) - It's great, once you get through the first 30 minutes.

Breathless (1961) ~ Working on an essay for this one.

Bachelor Mother (1939) ~ And I'll watch it next week too!

So what did you guys watch during Christmas?


  1. Hey Raquelle, welcome back!
    That was a great bunch!

    I'm not finished with my Christmas consumpion yet as I will throw in a few more before I'll consider it done.
    So far I've stuck my teeth in these:

    Hips Hips Hooray (1934)
    Peach-O-Reno (1931)
    Trouble In Paradise (1932)
    Miss Pinkerton (1932)
    Gold Diggers Of 1933
    Hook Line And Sinker (1930)
    Aeon Flux (2005)

    Guess which one I didn't like...

  2. Jonas - Aeon Flux sticks out like a sore thumb in that list! Isn't that the one based on the cartoon?

    Hips Hips Hooray sounds like fun!

  3. White Heat (quick note on my blog)

    From Here To Eternity

    Footlight Parade
    Gold Diggers of 1935

    The Outlaw Josey Wales

    The Dark Knight

    Enjoyed them all!

  4. I watched

    Get Smart (2008) - horrible
    Scrooge (1951- the best one with Alastair Sim)
    The Most Terrible Time in My Life (1994) the Japanese Mike Hammer
    Wanted (2008) - by who?
    and the animated Grinch (1966)

    Tonight I have Holiday Affair ready. Robert Mitchum and young Janet Leigh (yummy)

  5. Nice list, Breathless is of course always fun.

    I didn't watch much over the holidays, only The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (deeply flawed but strangely enthralling anyway) and most of David Fincher's other films as well, as I'm revisiting his work for a forthcoming dialogue about his films. I also got the Budd Boetticher/Randolph Scott Western box set for Christmas, and so far have dipped my toe in with the FANTASTIC The Tall T.

  6. Mamma Mia (I had the title song stuck in my head for 3 days...oh ABBA)
    The Dark Knight
    Good News
    Remember the Night
    Platinum Blonde
    Bachelor Mother
    A Guy Named Joe
    The Man Who Came to Dinner

  7. You'll be delighted to know, I DVR-ed HOLIDAY AFFAIR! :)

    But then, I, uh, accidentally erased it. :(



    Over Christmas, I watched:



    As for BACHELOR MOTHER: If I hadn't watched it so many times earlier this month, I'd watch it again tonight just for that New Years/Date/Kissing scene!


    Happy New Year's Eve!! :)


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