Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday Consumption

In my latest questionnaire, I asked visitors "What is your Thanksgiving movie watching ritual?". While some of you were passing out after all that turkey or all that cooking, others saw a new film at the theater. However, the majority of you said you'd be watching old movies at home.

So what did you see? Even if you are not in the US and/or didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, what did you watch over the weekend? I'd love to hear your answers. Please share!

I definitely did my fair share of movie consuming over the break. Here is what I saw.

1) Breathless (1961) - I watched this for a second time along with some of the documentaries (DVD extras). Absolutely brilliant. Post about this movie TK.

2) Stalag 17 (1953) - I had to see this movie again before sending it back to Netflix. Whoever thought that a movie about American POWs in WWII could be so entertaining? I'm recommending this movie to everyone and their cousin!

3) Dancing Lady (1933) - A great pre-code musical. Check out Jonas' review of this movie on his blog All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!

4) Mister Lonely (2007) - I missed out on watching this Harmony Korine film at the Boston Indie Film Festival because of school. Kevin got the DVD for my birthday because he knew how much I wanted to see it (You rock Kevin!). I cried watching this. A touching story about a Michael Jackson impersenator trying to fill the void inside of him that his loneliness created. He connects with a Marilyn Monroe impersenator who takes him to an impersenator commune. Oh and there are some flying nuns too.

5) She Done Him Wrong (1933) - This is the first Mae West film I have ever seen and by golly I'm already a BIG fan of hers. She was the shizzle, fo sho! I love the line: When a woman goes wrong, the men go right after her.

6) Blotto (1930) - Laurel & Hardy short. Laurel has a nag of a wife and he works with Hardy on a way to get Laurel out of the house. Laurel plans to steal his wife's liquor, but she's on to him. She replaces it with cold tea, unbeknownst to the pair who think they are getting plastered. Very funny!


  1. When I wasn't obsessing about old film allusions in "Australia," we watched "His Girl Friday" and "Philadelphia Story," two brilliantly written movies in which Cary Grant gets his wife back. Also, James Stewart sings "Over the Rainbow" in "Philadelphia Story," another odd correlation to "Australia."

  2. Hah! I love Blotto! That is one very funny L&H short.

    We used to have traditions of watching movies on Thanksgiving, but now that I'm going to a new set of in-laws for the holiday, the tv was turned to... football. No movies. Sigh.

    As for myself, I was mostly finishing up writing for Nanowrimo, then catching up on much belated chores, so I've only gotten one move watched this Thanksgiving weekend. That was "Ride Lonesome" with Randolph Scott, Pernell Roberts, and a really young James Coburn. I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. Film Dr - I'm intrigued by Australia. Even more so know that you said there are old movie allusions. Do you recommend it?

    DKoren - At least you got one movie in!

  4. Confession time - No classics this Thanksgiving. Just two very different and both very odd films - High Plains Drifter and Tropic Thunder. The first, an existential western and the second was a gross and vulgar comedy (and Tom Cruise never looked better!)

    Stalag 17 is indeed a top notch film. And so is Breathless

  5. I can't fully recommend Australia due to its various problems (sentimentality, mostly), but it did get me thinking about many old movies, especially The Wizard of Oz, Red River, Lawrence of Arabia, and Gone with the Wind. So, given all of the thought-provoking parallels, you might enjoy it on that level.

  6. Sadly, I got roped into watching Iron Man instead of any classics. I fully intend to make up for that soon. In my queue of old movies: The Thief and The Doll. Both new to me.

  7. I watched two Hitchcock films I hadn't seen before: Shadow of a Doubt and Frenzy.

    Both very interesting, but very creepy!

  8. Bill - Hey that's okay. At least you got in some movie-watching time. That's what counts. I'm glad you agree about Stalag 17 & Breathless!

    Film Dr - I might wait for DVD, but I'll definitely watch it!

    Wendymoon - Was Iron Man good at least? I've been curious about that one.

    Lisa - Woohoo! A Hitchcock Thanksgiving. That's awesome. And thank you for finally commenting. It's the first step in getting you to do a guest post for me.

  9. As we don't have Thanksgiving in Sweden I had a fairly normal weekend including the following:

    Just Imagine (1930) El Brendel on Mars...

    Le Fils De L'épicier (The Grocer's Son) (2007) French feel good but nothing to write home about.

    Kådisbellan (The Slingshot)(1993) Swedish comedy some consider a classic... I don't, but I have a friend who is an extra in it so it's fun...

    And finally...
    Bonjour Tristesse (1958) which I will comment at a more appropriate place...


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