Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quel Interprétation ~ Bonita Granville - Nancy Drew

I decided to start a new series called Quel Interprétation which features yours truly attempting modern visual interpretations of classic film actresses. I study one film and try to model an outfit as closely as possible with my current wardrobe and limited budget. I'll also do hair and make-up to match the concept. Sometimes it'll be conceptual because of the great differences between past and present fashions.

This is my attempt at recreating Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew. Complete with a wrench. I'm sure both Ginger and Jonas will appreciate that prop as they've been bugging me about it on Facebook (the picture of Bonita is my current Facebook profile pic).

To create this I wore my detective hat, a purple ruffled blouse, high-waisted & flowy brown trousers, blue girlish shoes with heels, a trench coat and green gloves. Everything is prety much what Bonita/Nancy would have worn with the exception of the trenchcoat. Her adventures often took place in the summer so she wouldn't have needed it. I included it to add a detective vibe to the outfit. I couldn't quite achieve her perm without doing some serious damage to my hair so I opted to do girlish ringlets as Bonita is a teenager. It was a lot of fun to dress up and pretend I was about to clonk some burglar on the head with a wrench!

Who will I be next?

Viewing Guide:

Nancy Drew, Detective (1938)

Nancy Drew, Reporter (1939)

Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter (1939)

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939)


  1. Gosh allmighty! Quelle suspense in those pictures! You look great with that trusty wrench! Dangerous and handy at the same time :) Great work Nancy!

  2. Thanks Jonas! I knew you would appreciate the wrench.

  3. I feel safer with Nancy on the case.

  4. You being Nancy of course (didn't know if that was clear from first comment).

    So should Jonas and I be the Hardy Boys?

  5. Thanks Sarah! Would you consider dressing up as Natalie Wood?

    Jonathan - Oh yeah. You and Jonas as the Hardy boys. I can see it now. I expect a post soon!

  6. Those pics of you are great! If I had any guts, I'd dress up in prison blues and replicate the cafeteria scene from WHITE HEAT...;)

  7. Oh please darling, I figured out that look a LONG time ago ;D

  8. You look great, Raquelle! :)

    That first picture is wonderful, and the second one makes me smile.

    You really did a good job at channeling her.


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