Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stars & Their Hobbies ~ Lana Turner

Lana Turner, Deep Sea Fishing
On wanting her next role to be worthwhile... “Otherwise I’ll go fishing.” – Lana Turner

Thanks to J.P. of Comet Over Hollywood for the tip on this one! Lana Turner had several hobbies and by far the most interesting of them was deep sea fishing. Turner picked up this hobby when she married husband #3, wealthy socialite Henry J. Topping (also known as Bob Topping).  He owned a fity-eight foot long Yacht named “Snuffy” that came fully equipped with deep sea fishing supplies. They would travel down to the Bahamas to catch Bluefin Tuna. When they eventually separated, it was said that Topping fled to Oregon to go deep sea fishing alone. I wonder if Lana Turner only dabbled in this hobby while she was married to Topping?

Turner with her husband Topping and some Bluefin Tuna they caught.  Source
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  1. For the life of me I cannot picture the glamorous Lana Turner fishing :P

    1. Vanessa - But you don't need to imagine when there is photo evidence! It wasn't easy to find those photos but when I did I finally believed the whole deep-sea fishing thing.

  2. I don't know if Lana knew it when she beginned with this hobby, but deep-sea fishing is great to stay thin. Really, in a short time fishing you can loose 8 lbs. Not that I do it, there is no sea where I live. Boo :(


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