Friday, September 12, 2014

Stars & Their Hobbies ~ Lauren Bacall

Everyone agrees that Lauren Bacall collected beer steins. Except for Lauren Bacall.

When Bacall passed away passed away last month at the age of 89, several online obituaries claimed that Bacall's only hobby was collecting beer mugs/steins.

I did some research on this and came across an interview with Lauren Bacall by Rebecca Winters of Time magazine. Here is there exchange:

Winters: Your fan websites say you collect beer mugs.

Bacall: That I collect what? Absolutely untrue. Your not serious! I don't drink beer. I've been accused of a lot of things but that's a new one.

I think this rumor started on the internet when people saw these photos of Lauren Bacall at home with Humphrey Bogart. You can see beer steins on display behind them.

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