Monday, September 15, 2014

Stars & Their Hobbies ~ James Mason

James Mason, Cats

"Cats do not have to be shown how to have a good time, for they are unfailing ingenious in that respect."- James Mason

James Mason loved cats.

His wife Pamela Mason also loved cats.

Together they had lots of cats. In 1946, they had 12!


James Mason liked to draw his cats.

He and his wife even wrote a book about their cats entitled The Cats in Our Lives which was published in 1949. They later published a fiction anthology entitled Favorite Cat Stories of Pamela and James Mason.

James Mason loved cats. It's as simple as that.

Thank you to both Kate Gabrielle and Terry for the tip about James Mason! Terry has a write-up of Mason's hobby on his blog A Shroud of Thoughts  and Kate shared some of Mason's cat drawings on her blog Silents and Talkies.

My series Stars & Their Hobbies explores how notable actors and actresses from Hollywood history spent their free time. Click here to view a complete list of entries.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Quelle! I also wanted to say that I loved the post on Harold Lloyd and his dogs (I love dogs too, especially Great Danes)!


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