Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hollywood and the Roosevelts in Photos

I've been excited for the Ken Burns' documentary series The Roosevelts: An Intimate History for months. While some people are intrigued by the Kennedys, I've always been fascinated by the Roosevelts. In honor of the documentary series airing this week, I thought I'd share some cool photographs of the Roosevelts and old Hollywood.

FDR at the Hollywood Bowl during his campaign tour circa 1932 - Source

Eleanor Roosevelt chatting with her favorite actor Robert Taylor at FDR's 55th Birthday Party circa 1937 - Source
Eleanor Roosevelt with Jean Harlow at FDR's 55th Birthday party circa 1937 - Source

Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House with The Hollywood Victory Caravan circa 1942 - Source
FDR receiving a check for the National Institute of Paralysis from Hollywood circa 1944 - Source

Shirley Temple and Eddie Cantor with a gigantic birthday cake in honor of FDR - Source

Joan Crawford with a portrait of FDR after his death. - Source

Let's not forget Theodore Roosevelt! The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was built in 1927 and was named after him.


  1. I read once that Myrna Loy waa FDR's favorite actress. True?

  2. I caught a bit of this documentary on Monday night - it seemed really interesting!


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