Monday, September 1, 2014

Stars & Their Hobbies - Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford, Knitting
"I took my knitting along so I could keep my hands busy, because I was so nervous."  Joan Crawford
As any knitter will tell you, there is a lot of comfort to be found in the repetitive motions of a pair of knitting needles and some yarn as you knit and purl your way through a pattern. Joan Crawford would often be found on film sets knitting as she waited for her call. It calmed her nerves and kept her distracted during down times. Rumor has it, Crawford was temporarily kicked off the set of The Women (1939) by George Cukor for purposefully annoying Norma Shearer with the constant clicking of her knitting needles.

Crawford teaching Ann Blyth how to knit on the set of Mildred Pierce

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  1. I don't blame her for taking up a hobby in between scenes. I mean, I keep hearing that stars were kept waiting for HOURS between set-ups ... I think my hobby would have either been puzzle making or reading.

  2. Haha, I always remember the episode in th set of The Women whenever I see a pic of Joan knitting! I don't have patience (or skills) to knit, but sure it is a cool hobby!


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