Saturday, November 27, 2010

Warner Archive Black Friday Sale

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This sale ends 11/29 (Monday) so if there are some Warner Archive DVDs you've been lusting after NOW is the time to get them. This is a really great deal. $10 each for 5 single-disc DVDs and no shipping cost. Plus, plus, plus. 

Are you going to take advantage of this sale? What are you going to get? If you've already made your purchase, what did you buy? This is what I got:

The Bachelor Mother (1939). You guys have Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz but for me the crowning jewel of 1939, the Golden Year of Movies, was The Bachelor Mother (oh and The Women, I can have two jewels right?). It's by far one of my favorite films and easily takes a spot in my top 5. It's a film I love to watch at any time during the year but especially during Christmas and New Year's. I watch it alone or I share it with friends. It's just the most divine movie ever and I curse Warner Bros. for not putting it out earlier. Now I have a proper DVD but I also had it on a burned DVD thanks to a kind friend as well as a VHS version which has gotten lost twice. Now I will have a proper DVD with keepcase and everything!

Keep Your Powder Dry (1945). This is a notable film featuring one of my favorite actresses Susan Peters. I've mentioned it before in my tribute to Susan Peters and while I had a VHS recording of it I was really happy to purchase a DVD copy. I'm starting to develop a strange interest in patriotic films from the 1940s and this is one of the better ones in my opinion. And Lana Turner is not even the least bit annoying in it!

Boy's Night Out (1962). This one is a total wild card. I have a VHS recording of this but it was missing a significant chunk so I have never seen it. I was contemplating getting this because of the cast, the story and the fact that it was remastered. I wasn't fully sold until I got recommendations from Terry from A Shroud of Thoughts, Millie from ClassicForever and Casey from Noir Girl. They sold it to me!

The Easiest Way (1931). A favorite early talkie. I loved it so much I dressed up as Anita Page! I only have a VHS recording of this so I'm very glad to be able to own it on DVD.

Their Own Desire (1929). Another top favorite film which I've written about on here a couple of times. It's Art Deco at it's finest, Shearer & Montgomery's first picture together and it's just a great example of an enjoyable early talkie. I'm so glad to be able to own a proper copy of this with such a beautiful design for the keepcase!


  1. I think you'll love Boy's Night Out. For me it's one of the very best Sixties sex comedies. And Miss Novak is amazing in this one--I recall she loved the movie because she played an intelligent woman (she was actually much brighter than the men!).

    I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Bachelor Mother. It definitely is one of the best films of 1939, which was a stellar year all around!

  2. Wonderful choices!! I ordered BACHELOR MOTHER too. :) THEIR OWN DESIRE is one of my favorite Montgomery films. Also really liked KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY -- great cast.

    I've got a VHS recording of BOYS' NIGHT OUT, which I taped since I'm a James Garner fan. I'm glad to hear so many people like this -- need to bump it higher in my stack of movies to see.


    Best wishes,

  3. I got Bachelor Mother too!
    I was actually having a hard time putting together my five because money's tight so I wanted to be careful.
    Besides that one, I got a couple Eleanor Parker films--Never Say Goodbye and Between Two Worlds--Warner Archive is unfortunately slow on her stuff (and I'm not buying An American Dream because I'd never watch it).
    I also got the awesome Myrna Loy/Warner Baxter Penthouse and then Hotel...
    Because I've always heard of Hotel but never seen it.

    Boys' Night Out has a certain amount of charm to it. I'm a Kim Novak supporter and William Bendix shows up for a bit.

    With Warner Archive, I always have to check the movie against what I have recorded off TCM... which tends to make the purchases more responsible I guess.

  4. How funny that you mention 1939 and the Golden Year of movies. I just did a post too mentioning "Golden Boy," another film from 1939, but certainly not one of the greats of that year.

    Thanks for the heads up on this deal! This sounds like a great bargain, especially with no shipping cost.

    I haven't seen "Boys Night Out," but just looking at the cover art makes me want to see it.

  5. Mercurie - Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm sure I'll love it.

    Laura & Andrew - I have so many movies recorded off of TCM that it's hard to justify purchasing the DVD versions. They have to be REALLY good! Especially since I can rent so many from Classicflix. Glad to hear you two love Bachelor Mother!

    Robby - I saw your post today. You do such a great job with those. I thought of you the other day when I saw Gentleman Jim which features the Olympic Club in San Francisco. I did some research and it's still up and running. I know that's out of your area but what a swell post that would be to visit that club!

  6. 'Bout time those Warner DVDs came down in price - credit card's been smoking, waiting to pounce.

  7. Robby makes a great point about the BOYS' NIGHT OUT cover art. Kudos to Warner Archive for really stepping up their game in terms of the DVD box art. I noticed when I was on the site yesterday that they've even gone back and redone some of the boring "blue" covers from early releases, like ROOM FOR ONE MORE and PRIVATE LIVES.

    I tend to buy the Archive prints of movies I know I'll want to watch over and BACHELOR MOTHER. :)

    Best wishes,

  8. I went on a Hedy Lamarr bender:
    I Take This Woman, Crossroads, The Heavenly Body, Experiment Perilous and Come Live With Me.

    I hope this is a big success for WB and they do this again.

  9. Thanks for sharing your picks! Great selections. I ended up deciding on Bachelor Mother, Boys Night Out, The Phantom Tollbooth, None But the Lonely Heart and Room For One More (I went on a little Cary Grant kick at the end there). I'm tempted to go for 5 more, but I don't think my bank account would appreciate that. Thanks again!


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