Friday, November 26, 2010

The Elia Kazan Collection: Selected by Martin Scorsese

(watch me present the boxed set in this newest vlog!)

A Letter to Elia (2010) - Scorsese documentary
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)
Boomerang (1947)
Gentleman's Agreement (1947)
Pinky (1949
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
Viva Zapata! (1952)
Man on a Tightrope (1953)
East of Eden (1955)
America America (1963)

Full Disclosure: I received this boxed set as a birthday present from my beau Carlos. <3 xoxo


  1. Wow. I really want that collection! I could do without Gentlemen's Agreement, but A Face in the Crowd, East of Eden, and A Streetcar Named Desire are three of my favs. It'd be nice to own them on something other than VHS!

  2. I saw 'A Letter to Elia' too (wrote about it on my blog - link is at my name). I liked how it was as much about Scorsese's life and career as it was Kazan's. I found it quite moving at times, to see how much Kazan's films have meant to Scorsese. I think maybe I'll watch some Kazan next week.

  3. Great review--interesting point about the different studios; & glue dots--who knew? & good job by Carlos!

  4. Excellent! I had the pleasure of viewing the restored prints used for this set for four of these films recently (Wild River, Viva Zapata!, A Gentlemen's Agreement, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), and was simply blown away. This set really is a treasure. Congrats on your acquisition!

  5. Great job!!! I never saw any of the movies but I will check them out. Great description of the boxed set you bought!

  6. Hi Raquelle!
    A big thank you from France for your lovable review. I enjoyed it. I hope the book will be translated in French and available separetely, I already own all the french DVDs. Like you, "East of Eden" is not my favorite movie of Kazan. Two of my faves are not in the box set: "The Arrangement" and "The Visitors" (or I didn't listen to you very well). I hope you already have them.
    I'll stop by your blog regularly since I think it's neat, entertaining and since I'm very found of classic movies.


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