Thursday, November 18, 2010

Across the Pacific (1942)

What an excruciatingly boring film. I could not get into it no matter how hard I tried. The story was convoluted, the characters were not interesting and I quickly lost interest. In my research of Bogart's connection with Ben Affleck (don't ask), I discovered that Bogie wore a toupee for many years. I spent most of the movie watching his hair. He wore a fedora throughout the film so the moments in which his head were exposed were what kept me watching this movie until the end.

Kate Gabrielle over at Scathingly Brilliant makes these beautiful Etsy Treasuries including one inspired by one of my favorite films Come September (1961). She gave me some advice on how to make them and since I have nothing to say about Across the Pacific instead of a big fat yawn, I decided to take elements from the film and turn them into a treasury. 


  1. definitely not one of Bogies best. John Huston started as director but then went off to war so someone else finished it, i cant recall who, and i think it shows. too bad cuz what a great cast huh? it does have some moments though, just never gels and as you say is pretty dull.

  2. I actually kinda like this one just because of Bogie and Astor's characters. I find their boat fling quite funny... "Do women usually feel sick after kissing you?" I thought they had nice chemistry... I don't even much like Astor outside her films with Bogie.

    Thanks for the link to Etsy... great stuff!

  3. I have to wholly agree with you on Across the Pacific. It's one of the few Bogart films I actually dislike. You summed it up with the words "boring" and "convoluted."

  4. Ben Affleck was in 'Phantoms' with Peter O'Toole.

    Peter O'Toole was in 'The Lion in Winter' with Katharine Hepburn.

    Katharine Hepburn was in 'The African Queen' with Humphrey Bogart.

    There's your connection.

  5. Paul - Yeah, it doesn't ever gel. It tries, really hard but doesn't actually become a cohesive story. Oh well.

    Kelley - Well I believe every movie, even a bad one, needs someone to support it. You are that person!

    Mercurie - I like convoluted sometimes, like Out of the Past I think is convoluted but it isn't boring. This one was boring.

    Rich - Nice try, but not the connection I was looking for.


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