Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Warner Bros. tour with Robby from Dear Old Hollywood

Carlos, Robby and Me

On our first full day on our recent trip, Carlos and I headed out to the Warner Bros. to meet up with our friend Robby from Dear Old Hollywood. Robby works for WB and very generously offered to give us a personal tour of the lot. Last year, Carlos and I had gone on a VIP tour which was a lot of fun but this experience was on a whole different level. Robby knows the lot well and was a great tour guide. He pointed out filming locations for movies like Blazing Saddles, A Star is Born, Inside Daisy Clover, Sex and the Single Girl, Nickelodeon, Ocean’s 11, The Music Man, East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, The Great Race, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse, and many more.  Robby did such a spectacular job showing us around that Carlos and I left very impressed. We’re very indebted to Robby for taking the time out to show us around.

Here are some photo highlights from our tour with Robby. It was a glorious sunny day so I'm very happy with how the pictures came out. Enjoy!

(Some photo labeling is to come!)

Warner Bros. Commissary

Warner Bros. Commissary

To increase the height of this building, they built from the bottom up instead of adding to the top. See the markation in the middle where the bottom of the building was originally.

Carlos in front of a fake Men's Wearhouse location that was used in a commercial.

One of the last remaining structures on the lot that was used in Casablanca.

The church used in Ocean's 11 (1960). This is by far my favorite location on the lot!

A view inside the church.

Warner Village

Warner Bros. water tower


  1. Wow! Fantastic photos! How long did your tour take from start to finish? I'm trying to understand just how gigantic this lot must be. I'm loving all those street facades - so interesting! I went to LA once, but I never took the Warner Bros tour (believe me, I'm slapping myself right now).

  2. Your photos turned out great! Had so much fun going around with people who actually know and appreciate the classics. Best to you and Carlos.

  3. Wonderful photos! I have so enjoyed reading about the whole TCM film festival experience.


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