Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Out of the Past: A Classic Film Blog at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2014

The 5th annual TCM Classic Film Festival kicks off Thursday evening but for me the festivities start early! Today I'll be hanging out at the Warner Bros. lot with Robby from Dear Old Hollywood,  shopping at Larry Edmunds Bookshop and attending a Tweet-up. I'm so excited to meet some folks for the first time and to see some familiar faces from last year's festival. Tomorrow I'll be at the TCM press conference and then in the evening the festival starts with some amazing star-studded events.

I'm also very humbled to have been selected as part of TCM's Fest Social Media crew roster. Watch for our live #TCMFF updates by following our list on Twitter!


I'll be sharing updates and photos throughout the festival on my Twitter @Quellelove and on my Google+ page +Out of the Past . On the blog I'll be posting daily recaps and will do more in-depth posts on each event later on. You can find all of my current coverage and previous coverage on this festival here.

This year's festival will be really special. It's a time for us classic film lovers to gather together and celebrate history and entertainment together. TCMFF is our Comic Con. It's where we can get together with like-minded people and celebrate what we love. It's a magical time and this year will be even more magical. I hope you'll have fun following my journey!

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