Monday, April 14, 2014

TCM Classic Film Festival Day Four Recap

On the second full day of the festival and my fourth day, I got up really early to get in line for media access to the Jerry Lewis Hand and Footprint Ceremony in front of Grauman's Chinese theater (TCL Chinese Theater IMAX). There is limited space so it was crucial that we get there early. Carlos came with me and got in as a spectator. There are some spots for Spotlight Pass holders and a few select ones in a corral area for the first people in the regular line.

It was a wonderful event! Robert Osborne and director Quentin Tarantino gave speeches and Jerry Lewis had us all cracking up. He's just as funny as ever and was hamming it up for the audience.

This is my favorite photo of the event. Jerry Lewis holding Quentin Tarantino's hand and giving us all that classic Jerry Lewis laugh. I plan to do a post about this event so stay tuned!

Afterwards I had lunch with some friends at 25 Degrees, one of the restaurants inside the Roosevelt Hotel where Club TCM is located. We are all like one big family and it started off just being a table for a few people and then it grew to a table of 8. If our group kept growing we would have taken over the whole restaurant. Robby from Dear Old Hollywood stopped by with his family. He was sporting this wonderful custom made T-Shirt with a Thin Man screen print.

Aurora of Once Upon a Screen has some serious swag in this picture. She got all of the TCM Classic Film Festival social media buttons plus a #TCMParty button and custom made buttons that she got from someone she met at the festival. Aurora has had really amazing luck. For example she was in an elevator with Richard Dreyfuss, she was in the front of the line with Kellee (Outspoken & Freckled) for Maureen O'Hara's interview and got to see O'Hara up close, she got to meet Margaret O'Brien and Joey Luft and much more. Aurora has luck but she's also so social and adventurous that she makes opportunities happen for her. 

After lunch most of us headed down to El Capitan theatre to get in line for the screening of How Green Was My Valley (1941). We were in line two hours before the event started because there was no way that we were going to miss seeing Maureen O'Hara. What a magical time! I got a bit sick before it started but was so happy to be there that I powered through. A dedicated post on this event is to come so stay tuned.

Afterwards I headed to Grauman's Egyptian Theatre to get in line for the screening of Bell, Book and Candle (1958). Kim Novak was in attendance and she gave Robert Osborne a really open and honest interview. Novak has been through a lot lately and I'm glad we were all there to show our love and support for her. More on that event to come!

Going to so many events in one day can get really tiring. I fell in and out of sleep during the end of Bell, Book and Candle. I'm glad I was already familiar with the film and that I didn't feel like I missed out when I took a much needed snooze.

I then headed back to El Capitan theatre for a screening of one of my top favorite films of all time: The Women (1939). I don't care how sick or tired I was (and I was both big time at this point), there was no way I was going to miss seeing a personal favorite on a big screen with an appreciative audience. While  we were waiting in line and also when we in the theater waiting for the screening to begin, I got to have some lovely chats with Lara Gabrielle of Backlots, K.C. of A Classic Movie Blog and Angela of Hollywood Revue

The interview before The Women (1939) left a lot to be desired but the screening was still amazing. More on that to come too!

After the screening I got to chat with these two lovely ladies: Casey from Noir Girl and Sarah from The Wicker Bar. They were chatting with my husband Carlos who was there to pick me up. They recognized him which I think is really neat. We chatted for a while about our festival experience and took some pictures.

This was by far the busiest and longest of all my days at the festival. It was a bit of a trial because I was tired and not feeling well. However, the spectacular events and the wonderful people I got to hang out with made it all worthwhile.

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