Monday, June 4, 2012

'Til Death Do Us Part ~ James Cagney and Frances Cagney

Married 63 years

While a lot of actors strayed, James Cagney never once cheated on his wife in the 6+ decades they were together. Not even Merle Oberon's advances could persuade him. In his autobiography which was published in 1976, he says 

"I married her in 1922, absolutely the smartest thing I ever did in the whole course of my life, and I am still crazy about this lady."


  1. It is great to here Hollywood stories like this. What a great couple!

  2. Jimmy, my all-time favorite actor and also a very fine human being! It's nice to finally meet his wife :)
    I'm very curious to hear more about your wedding!

  3. I just finished reading that autobiography last week, and here is one of the other statements he made. " the show (Broadway show "Pitter Patter"), I met the great girl who became my wife. I can't conceive of how lucky a guy can get, but this lady and I just celebrated our fifty-fourth wedding anniversary the other day, and it's been a joy all the way."

    All through the book he refers to her as "my Bill."

    I have long-loved Mr. Cagney, but reading of his faithfulness to his spouse just made me love him even more.

  4. Lovely picture here of the two of them together. Judy


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