Thursday, January 10, 2008

Robert Mitchum's Sad Eyes: Defaced

It 8:45 am when I step into my desk area one weekday morning. The usual suspects were there, and all seemed quiet. That was until I saw the remnants of a crime so hideous I knew that even the toughest gumshoes wouldn't be able to crack the case.

There he was. Quietly situated on my desk partition. As he was every morning. But this morning he was smeared with some unidentified hideous green goo.

Someone had defaced my printed picture of Robert Mitchum, the veritable king of film noir. Why Mitchum? I couldn't quite figure it out. Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were all left alone. But there was Mitchum. Handsom Mitchum with smeared green goo all over his pretty mug. Defaced by someone who I'm sure just didn't appreciate film noir.

The criminal mastermind behind this atrocity may never be found. But I got one message for the sorry loser, and I'm strictly on the level. There will be more pictures of Robert Mitchum posted on my partition, you can be sure about that. And the next time I see that green goo, plastered over another pretty face, it will be war!

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