Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Night at the Opera in a Whirpool with some Duck Soup. And two hard-boiled eggs. ::honk!: Make that three hard-boiled eggs.

I finally got to watch A Night at the Opera (1935) last week. Rip-roaring good time was had. My favorite scenes include Groucho and Chico discussing a sanity claus, Groucho ordering food from the ship's steward and Harpo swinging from the ropes backstage during the Opera. I highly recommend it! (Although Duck Soup (1933) is still my favorite).

You know you've watched too many movies when you rent the same movie twice! I didn't realize that I had already seen Whirlpool (1950) until I rented it again recently and when I watched the very first scene, I told myself the ending of the whole movie! Egads.

Here is a clip from Duck Soup (1933) for your viewing pleasure.


  1. ...And three hard boiled eggs. Yup, one of my favorites. And have to add "A Day at the Races" and the jockey code book sequence.

    But I'm a sucker for any Marx Brothers film and most critical thinking goes out the window.

    BTW, I must say that anyone who lists Chet Baker first in their list of Favorite Music I have to agree with on most issues :-)

  2. I'm glad to find another Marx Brothers fan! Especially one who appreciates Chet Baker!

    I really need to sit down and watch all of the Marx Brothers movies. My viewing has been here and there at best.


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