Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Movie Overdose

I had a 12-day long vacation which was plenty of time for me to read and watch lots of movies. And I relished in my glut of free time by watching an obscene amount of films. Don't believe me? Here is the list! Egads! (I gave them a star ratings too.)

Imagine Me & You (2006) ***
Prime (2005) **
Dreamgirls (2006) ***
The Arrangement (1969) ****
Trust the Man (2006) **
The Facts of Life (1960) ****
Holiday Affair (1949) ****
Yours, Mine and Ours (1969) ****
Born Yesterday (1950) ***
On the Waterfront (1954) ****
Three on a Match (1932) ****
Charade (1963) **
Christmas in Connecticut (1945) ****
King of the Underworld (1939) **
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938) **
A Christmas Carol (1938) ****
The Petrified Forest (1936) ***
Romeo and Juliet (1936) ***
White Christmas (1934) **
Bachelor Father (1931) **
Bachelor Mother (1939) ****
Bachelor Apartment (1931) *
Bachelor Bait (1934) ****
Waitress (2007) ****
A Dog's Life (1918) ***
The Scarecrow (1920) ****
Number, Please? (1920) ***
Music & Lyrics (2007) **
Living on Love (1937) **


  1. Two stars for Charade? Oh no! I agree with your ratings though for Christmas In Connecticut, A Christmas Carol, and The Petrified Forest. The rest I have yet to see! (I don't remember much of White Christmas anymore, though I remember liking it.)

  2. Frank,

    You gotta sell Charade to me because I'm not buying it. My main problems is that Cary Grant is too old and this part isn't quite right for him, Audrey Hepburn is too clingy and Walter Matthau is just plain strange at the end. I didn't end up liking any of the principal characters.

    But I'm open-minded. Maybe there was something I missed.



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