Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Night at the Opera in a Whirpool with some Duck Soup. And two hard-boiled eggs. ::honk!: Make that three hard-boiled eggs.

I finally got to watch A Night at the Opera (1935) last week. Rip-roaring good time was had. My favorite scenes include Groucho and Chico discussing a sanity claus, Groucho ordering food from the ship's steward and Harpo swinging from the ropes backstage during the Opera. I highly recommend it! (Although Duck Soup (1933) is still my favorite).

You know you've watched too many movies when you rent the same movie twice! I didn't realize that I had already seen Whirlpool (1950) until I rented it again recently and when I watched the very first scene, I told myself the ending of the whole movie! Egads.

Here is a clip from Duck Soup (1933) for your viewing pleasure.


operator_99 said...

...And three hard boiled eggs. Yup, one of my favorites. And have to add "A Day at the Races" and the jockey code book sequence.

But I'm a sucker for any Marx Brothers film and most critical thinking goes out the window.

BTW, I must say that anyone who lists Chet Baker first in their list of Favorite Music I have to agree with on most issues :-)

Raquelle said...

I'm glad to find another Marx Brothers fan! Especially one who appreciates Chet Baker!

I really need to sit down and watch all of the Marx Brothers movies. My viewing has been here and there at best.


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