Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Heart Jack Klugman Week

I am in the throws of a heartfelt crush with Jack Klugman. My what a fine actor. What a great smile. What a lifespan! Jack Klugman is still with us at the ripe age of 89. And he has worked with everyone from Henry Fonda to Frank Sinatra to to Jack Lemmon to his dear old friend Tony Randall. I admire Klugman for many reasons. One of them being the fact that he always stands up for himself. If he didn't like how things were going, he'd always try to change them. He'd even boycott episodes of his own TV show just to protest what he didn't think was right. He isn't just an actor in the regular sense of the word. He is talented in writing, improvising and directing. Klugman got into acting when he got in trouble for some gambling debts. For fear of being severely punished, he left Philadelphia and moved to New York City. He learned the trade and started acting in theater, in movies and on TV. He's best known for his work on the popular 70s TV shows The Odd Couple and Quincy M.E. He was also in films such as Days of Wine and Roses (1962), 12 Angry Men (1957) and The Detective (1968). He became really close friends with Tony Randall and they stayed friends until Randall passed away in 2004. Klugman survived really aggressive throat cancer from years of smoking cigarettes and cigars. He lost most of his vocal chords and learned how to talk using with what little was left of them. Klugman is a great sports enthusiasts and has an affinity for horse racing and baseball.

Why do I heart Jack Klugman so much? Maybe it's his smile. His charm. His scratchy voice. I am always so excited when I get to watch Klugman on screen in a episode or move I have never seen. I'm devoting a week to Klugman. It's all Klugman all the time. What a great week it will be!


  1. Jack is just an amazing actor. And I swear he is indestructible. When I found out he had throat cancer years ago I thought he wouldn't be with us long. And that was years ago!

  2. we're certainly in accord here Quelle, i am a big fan of Jack! While growing up the Odd Couple was a staple for later night TV for myself and my cousin who lived with us for a few years on and off, usually 2 eps a night on channel 11 out of NY. it wasnt until just a few years ago i finally saw the film and tho i enjoyed it somewhat it seemed like imposters were playing Oscar and Felix! I think Klugman and Randall were one of the great actor pairings in history, what perfect chemisry and both so talented, and what an influence they had on me as a kid! in fact one night i remember my cousin and myself getting inspired and we "Oscar-ized" our shared bedroom, lol! my mom wasnt all that pleased about it but it sure was fun! i musta been about 11 or 12 at the time. Between that and Jack's memorable T-Zone appearances, then later i finally saw him in some films and Quincy as well, he's simply like an old friend to me! but also a great actor, a legend, an icon, survivor, inspiration and always a treat to see no matter where he shows up! great post, looking forward to this week :D

  3. *Raises hand* I'm a Klugman fan. I always get a shiver of pleasure from that moment in 12 Angry Men where he explains just how you'd use a switchblade knife. "Did you ever see a knife fight? I did, you know, at home. In my backyard."

  4. Count me in as another Jack Klugman fan.

    Funny thing is I did not become familiar with him at first because of his acting but because he was the husband of Brett Somers; one of the regulars on my favorite game show Match Game.

    Jack actually appeared on the first few weeks of the show and basically got Brett the job (since he was always making wise cracks about her).

    But as for Jack's acting my personal favorite example would be his Twilight Zone episode "In Praise of Pips". I think it is such a beautiful performance.

    And of course I love him in the Odd Couple TV Series.

  5. I always get a shiver of pleasure from that moment in 12 Angry Men where he explains just how you'd use a switchblade knife. "Did you ever ...


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