Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tony Rome (1967) is pretty darn cool

When Tony Rome is out and about, trouble is sure to follow. I really loved this movie, so much so that I watched it twice in a row. Once for the story and a second time for the atmosphere. I'm a gal who loves details and this film had a lot to savor. Here are some things I picked up on. Enjoy.

Flimsy nightgowns and balcony bar service

7-digit phone numbers without Area Codes

Old-fashioned product logos. In this case, beer cans.

Old-fashioned cars like this blue Ford.

Cocktail stirrers

Iconic shots such as this one.

Young Gena Rowlands

Old-fashioned hair clips

Jill St. John and her outfits

Going to bed with full make-up on

Ginormous pools in really fancy seaside hotels

Smaller Floridian seaside hotels. My dad used to own one back in the early 1970s.

Old-fashioned staplers.

Telephone Books/Yellow Pages

Typewriter-typed documents



Do you like to look for certain details in movies? What do you look for? I particularly like searching for objects that today are obsolete. There is some charm in things we used to rely on but don't anymore. Or even things like staplers that we use today but older versions seem to be of higher quality.


  1. This looks like such a gorgeous movie! I will need to check it out. I'm not as conscious of details as I'd like to be, but I do find myself looking at furniture in scenes a lot, especially in older films. I love old-fashioned furniture!

  2. Fun post - and what a great movie to do it on! I always like scenes that take place in offices to see what they have on their desks - before the days of computers and other modern gadgets. My eye is also drawn to the furniture used - especially in films from the 50s/60s. But you're right, what is most fun of all is to see items that are no obsolete are rarely scene used - or even activities for that matter! I think of the original "Out of Towners" when everyone is smoking in the airplane!

  3. And the sequel LADY IN CEMENT was even cooler...because it had Frank AND Raquel Welch.

  4. Oh man these caps are reeeeally making me want to watch this. Lol @ "going to bed with full on makeup", I always find it so funny when they wake up in the morning and are like BING! I'M FLAWLESS AND YOU AREN'T HA HA HA.
    Anyhow, I always pay close attention to furniture and decor. I'm such a sucker for sixties houses and whatnot, so sometimes I'm too busy looking at the living room than paying attention to what's actually going on lol. In particular though I look for colored rotary telephones. I LOVE BLUE ONES SO MUCH.


  5. I love looking for similar details. I definitely want to see this movie now--pretty sure I've never seen it!

  6. what a great movie to do it on . I always love to watch these kind of movies. These are always my all time favourite movies. I surely go for this movie.


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