Thursday, April 29, 2010


I had some fun yesterday with the Twitter hashtag that was making the rounds yesterday. The goal is to take a person's name and turn it into a pun using a beverage. People came up with great ones including Oprah Whiskey, Hot Cocoa Chanel (@modcloth), Vodka Mortensen (@d_whiteplume) and Betty White Russian (@tommysalami). I tried to stick to classic film stars as much as I could. Here is what I came up with. Some are clever and some are just a real stretch. I did have fun with this and I encourage you to share any that you can come up with here or on Twitter. You can find me there @quellelove .

Raquel Welch's Grape Juice
Margarita Hayworth
Lizbeth Scott-ch and Soda
Scotch on the Rocks Hudson
Doris Daiquiri
Shirley Temple
Bloody Mary Astor
Nat King Colada
Dean Martini
Marlon Brandy
Jack Daniels Nicholson
Ginger Beer Rogers (or Ginger Ale Rogers)
Mountain Drew Barrymore
Iced Tea Leoni
Jack Lemmonade
Dean Jigger
Gin and Tonic Randall
Laurence Olive Martini
Ocean Sp-Ray Milland
Gordon MacRye Whiskey
Gin Lockhart and Gin Arthur and Gin Simmons and Gin Crain 
(Gene Jean and Jeanne)
Lauren Bacardi
Gene Iced Tierney
Mint Julep Christie
Vermouth Hussey (Ruth)
Deborah Side-Kerr (Sidecar)
Ann Miller Lite
Granita Page


  1. This is great! I love it!

  2. this is so much fun! much better than the eternally trending bieber. I guess I'm just not 12 anymore.

  3. Fun: I think my favorites are Doris Daiquiri & Mountain Drew Barrymore!


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