Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Robert Mitchum Video #3 ~ Calypso is Like So... Playlist

If you are not at least somewhat amused by this album, you have no soul. My favorites are "Coconut Water" and "From a Logical Point of View". Some lyrical gems include:

from a logical point of view
better marry a woman uglier than you
from a logical point of view
always marry a woman uglier than you

an ugly woman give you your meals on time
and try to make comfortable in mind
a time when you lie sick in your cozy bed 
she will both caress you and scratch your head

Fill yourself a glass of coconut water, sit back and enjoy the album in its entirety.


  1. Well done! I think Mitchum pulls this one off rather nicely. Maybe that is the reason this fine record is largely forgotten today.

    Many famous or semi-famous personlities has made unsuccessful records over the years. Some of those are now considered cult classics like the Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner records from the mid 60's. The main difference, at least the way I see it is that the Star Trek guys didn't pull it off and it was this fact that made these records last.

    Too bad, I prefer when good things last. I could easily include Mitchum's calypso among my lounge and tiki records from the late 50's with no hesitation at all.

  2. LOL! Great stuff! I have never heard of Robert Mitchum before so its nice to hear a sample. :)


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