Friday, May 8, 2009

TCM Latino Images in Film Giveaway

I'm very blessed to be able to do another TCM related giveaway, this time in conjunction with their Latino Images in Film festival. This festival is by far my favorite and very close to my heart since I am a Latina who loves classic films. I really hope that you'll take the time to watch some of the films in the festival and really think about the representation of Latinos in these movies.

I will be giving away some Latino Images in Film themed composition notebooks to the winners of this contest.

How to Enter:

1) Check out the TCM's Latino Images in Film line-up and the TCM Originals video clips.

2) Add a comment on this post about which film in the line-up you want to see and why or have seen and what you thought of it. Or tell me something interesting you learned watching the video clips.

3) Bloggers, add a link or write an entry on your blog about TCM Latino Images in Film festival. If you are on Twitter, tweet about it to your followers.

4) Entries must be in by midnight Sunday May 24th. You can also e-mail the entries to Quellelove at Gmail dot com.

Winners will be announced Tuesday May 26th. They will be chosen at random. This contest is open to everyone. If you chose not to participate, you can always enter TCM's contest on their website for the same prize. You do however have a better chance of winning a notebook here!


  1. I'm going to be watching Popi (love Alan Arkin, and watched this as a kid), Salt of the Earth for some pre-blacklist labor action, and Terror in a Texas Town- Sterling Hayden and Dalton Trumbo. This is a great project you've got going.

    I wrote a post about this marathon, those movies, and other incidents of brown face and what I call "pasta face" that will appear this Sunday; I linked to your blog with it, but I'll add it as a link to this post when it publishes. There are a lot of interesting films in this run, and Hollywood's treatment of race has always intrigued me. One of these days I'll have to write about The Green Pastures, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, and Cabin in the Sky.

  2. While there are other films I would love to see again, I believe my choice would Stand and Deliver. I have always loved this film. To some degree it is cliched (the students don't like Mr. Escalante at first, but warm to him after a while), but the great cast and wonderful script overcome that deficit. Indeed, it actually makes mathematics interesting (which is a huge accomplishment where I am concerned). I have to also say that it is one of the most positive portrayals of Hispanics on film. Mr. Escalante, as played by Edward James Olmos, is intelligent, charming, and at the same time powerful. He definitely deserved his nomination for Best Actor!

  3. Raquelle,
    I don't have TCM... Latino Film is very much a white spot on my cinamatographical map. I will do my best to find something out from the clips on their site. Otherwise I'll just watch West Side Story again... Does it count? :)

  4. I'm looking forward to The Trial (1955) -- I clicked on your link and read the overviews of a lot of the films on the lineup, but The Trial really grabbed my attention. I love courtroom dramas, and this one sounds especially intriguing. Reading the article, it sounded very much in line with the kind of political films I like (like 12 Angry Men or The Ox Bow Incident) and it features one of my favorite actresses, Katy Jurado. I hope this will be one of the films you write about for your Latino Images in Film theme!

    I'll be posting my blog post later this week! Thanks for doing another great giveaway-- I'm so jealous of your clandestine access to the TCM paraphernalia! :)

  5. The two standouts in the lineup for me are My Man & I and Greenwich Village.

    I was looking over the Now Playing guide recently and came across the description for My Man & I. I was surprised to realize that I had never seen it. It looks amazing, with the hunky Ricardo Montalban playing the male lead. And, Shelley Winters is always an asset to any film she's in.

    Greenwich Village is a thrill because it has never played on TCM before, to my recollection. I adore Carmen Miranda, (as you'll find out if you read my newest blog post) so this is an absolute must.

    Kate is right - you must have one heck of an in @ TCM to be able to share the lovely notebooks with us!

  6. Thanks guys!

    Casey & Kate - Sorry, I cannot reveal all my blogging secrets. ;-)

  7. Raquel,
    I would be most interested in seeing The Garment Jungle, partly because of the cast but mostly because of your insightful write-up.
    Something about an angry Lee J. Cobb in a movie makes it that much more appealing!

  8. I'm going to re watch Giant again because it was a film that showed the wrong in racism through a character filled with hate and envy played by James Dean. Not only did James Dean's character have a hateful and disgusting attitude in the film but you are able to watch Rock Hudson's character evolve from a man of anger and hate to a man who protects and loves the Latino people after his son gets married. It's a film that is a huge eye opener and it reveals how people's emotion can be overly cruel.

  9. I'd like to see Stand And Deliver, because one of my teachers in high school used to reference it a lot and I've never had the chance to actually see it myself.

    The only film I've been able to catch so far was Bordertown:

  10. I'll be watching one that I haven't seen: Greenwich Village(1944).

    Apparently it's the thin little musical that could, with Vivian Blaine, Don Ameche, William Bendix and Carmen Miranda.

    Carmen puts a splash of outrageous fun in anything.

    I'd also like to see how a 1940s Fox musical dresses a (supposedly) gritty 1920s Greenwich Village.


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