Saturday, May 2, 2009

People En Español ~ Latinos Channeling Classic Film Stars

What seems like absolute perfect timing for TCM's Latino Images in Film, People En Español magazine came out with their annual issue Los 50 Mas Bellos de 2009 (50 Most Beautiful of 2009). In the current issue, the feature a handful of Hispanic celebrities dressed as classic film stars in their iconic roles. This kind of reinvisioning the past with contemporary stars is not new, in fact Vanity Fair does this all of the time (see my previous post about last year's March-Hitchcock issue). However, I was surprised to see People En Español participate. Pleasantly surprised. They are loose interpretations by all means but I'm glad they at least exist! Please make sure you check out the website or pick up a copy of the magazine. However, just to warn you that it really is in en Español!


  1. I really like the Eva Longoria one...for obvious reasons. She actually pulled it off well!

  2. Wow. Eva did really pull it fact she might just be more beautiful than Audrey ever was! I also thought Galilea Montijo was great as a pinup. I'm not so sure about Maite Perroni as Dorothy though...she looks a bit too, ummm, adult...

    As to the men, I think Christopher Von Uckermann made a great James Dean!

  3. What a neat post -- I love it when magazines do this. A few of them were really good recreations- I like the two you picked for the blog, and I also really liked Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando & Bonnie abd Clyde. Like with any magazine that does this, they always have one or two that are just puzzling- Clark Gable and Katharine Hepburn? Also agree with Mercurie, Dorothy was a bit too risque! :) What a great job on the All About Eve one, though!!

  4. I'm glad you guys liked these photos. They are not quite Vanity Fair, but they are still very nice. My two favorites are the ones I posted.

    As I said, some of them were really loose interpretations. I think if we saw the original photographs of K. Hepburn and C. Gable they would make more sense, but those didn't quite work otherwise.

  5. Raquelle,
    Gracias por los cuadros hermosos. Las mujeres habían trabajado un poco más difícilmente para parecer las originales.



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