Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Bits of Miscellany

I'm in the middle of a big project right now for this blog, so haven't had time to post (seems counterintuitive doesn't it?). In the meantime, here are few miscellaneous things I wanted to mention.

1) Decades I Love - This is a new networking site for folks like me who love various decades of the past. It's an interactive community that is just starting up. On it you can upload music, photos, videos, etc. and connect with other old souls. Please check it out! (

2) Twitter - I have succumbed to the tweet. Follow me on Twitter ( for various classic film related updates. I'll tweet about articles and blog posts of note, classic film news, new books out on the market, or anything else that strikes my fancy. My tweets will be as relevant as possible. You can also see my latest tweets on the sidebar of this blog.

3) Fred Astaire - There are a couple new Fred Astaire books out on the market. Check them out! As always, I'm taking this opportunity to remind folks of the wonderful picture book, Footwork which is about the childhood of Fred and his sister Adele Astaire.

Puttin' on the Ritz: Fred Astaire and the Fine Art of Panache
written by Peter Levinson
St. Martin's
April 2009

Fred Astaire
Icons of America series
written by Joseph Epstein
Yale University Press

Footwork: The Story of Fred and Adele Astaire
written by Roxane Orgill
Illustrated by Stephane Jorisch
Candlewick Press

4) Ideal Bite - I've added the Ideal Bite widget to the sidebar. Ideal Bite: A Sassier Shade of Green is a daily newsletter has lots of great tips about how to be more environmentally friendly. I highly suggest you sign up. The widget will update regulary with the latest tip.

I'll be back soon!


  1. I was drawn into Twitter through Jeremy and the folks at Row Three (in the words of a famous song, "Blame Canada..."). It's great for little tidbits.

    And Decades I Love is great. I just had to check out the Sixties Lounge!

    Thanks for posts about the Fred Astaire books. When it comes to my favourite male dancers, he was always nearly tied with Gene Kelly.

    Natasha Richardson In Memoriam

  2. Ooh, a big project! Sounds exciting. BTW - I follow your twitter - it's great!

    Love the Fred Astaire books - especially the illustrated one! I'm going to check that one out.

  3. Raquelle,
    Great! Your post reminds me that I miss something written about Fred Astaire... Will check those books!

    When I was young, me and my friends had a thing for those who seemed eternal, famous people that just got older and older. At some point we all agreed that there was a possibility Fred Astaire could outlive us all. Well, he didn't... When he finally called it a day in 1987 we were all quite disappointed.

  4. That Decades I Love site sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I Twitter so I will totes follow and tweet! And thanks for the tweets/press about my post today -- a few of your fans stopped on by and I do so enjoy when I am not talking to myself. Well, sometimes I like to talk to myself... But you know what I mean :p

  6. Mercurie - Thanks! It's great following you on Twitter too. :-) I think Astaire & Kelly were different types of dancers, so I can see how they are equals.

    Casey - Are you on Twitter? Where? I wanna follow you.

    Jonas - I thought the same of Katharine Hepburn until 2003. :-(

    Robby - Let me know what you think of it!

    Jaynie - I'm hoping that my Twitter will help guide people to excellent posts, like the 3 you did today!


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