Friday, September 26, 2008

Work: My Classic Film Nest

I am by nature a nester. I settle into a spot, make it all nice and cozy and I nestle in as happy as can be. When the company I work for moved offices in March of this year, I had a difficult time with the transition. After 4+ years of perfecting my desk-nest, I had to give it up forever for a new, bare and foreign cubicle. I knew if I was going to make the transition unscathed I had to nestify my cube, FAST! So within 30 minutes of my arrival to the new office, my new cubicle was decked out with tchotckes, notes, doodads and of course, Classic Movie Paraphernelia! Since then, the area has become less foreign and more of a comfort zone. And whoever stops by will for sure know I'm a classic film fan.

I thought it would be fun to take you on a journey of all the classic movie images I have posted in my work area. So I snuck into work early one morning and took some snap shots (lest I be ridiculed). Please enjoy!

First of all there is my Classic Movie Posters Calendar. It's been a permanent fixture in my work area for almost 5 years! I even have my 2009 calendar ready and waiting. And behold! September features Metropolis (1927)!

A few of the older calendars had preview layouts on the back with all the posters in mini-form. Being the resourceful person I am, I didn't let them go to waste and promptly cut them out and used them to decorate various parts of my desk area.

What would my desk be without Norma Shearer? This is a little clip that is pinned to my corkboard. It's from an issue of Parade and Norma's presence is purely coincidental because the tiny article was about Clark Gable. The caption reads "Gable with Norma Shearer: Good actor, bad breath".

Other people grace my cubicle too. I love this picture of Marilyn Monroe, it's by far my favorite of her. She looks elegant and vibrant. And that picture of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn staring into each others eyes, classic! My picture of Robert Mitchum was defaced however and is missing (see my post about the incident). Oh woe is me.

I tend to chuckle to myself when I see that great picture of Irene Dunne pulling on Cary Grant's hair. Grant's expression is priceless. I kept the old Harvard Film Archive schedule so I could hang that image at work and see it everyday. And what TCM fan doesn't love Edward Hopper? Represent!

I like to keep mementos from outings, especially when I go see films at theaters. The image at the top is a cut-out from an old HFA schedule and its of Dick Powell and Lizabeth Scott in Pitfall (1948) (see my previous post about that movie). The other picture is of Ludivine Sagnier (I LOVE HER!) in A Girl Cut in Two (2007). It's a cut-out from a Kendall Square Cinema schedule, where I saw the film recently. Yes, I watch contemporary films! Foreign ones too!

And then there is the obligatory Audrey Hepburn photo. This was a blad from BEA that a co-worker picked up for me. It's quite gorgeous and adds a bit of style to a bookshelf that holds books about dinosaurs, dragons, ducks and poop!


  1. Oh how delightful! I love looking at other people's collections, and how they decorate using their interests. :)

    I like the little movie posters. Good idea, cutting them out. Edward Hopper: yes, yes. And I have several 'obligatory' Hepburn shots. She likes to watch me write. ;)

    Also: I adore your new header!! Super sexy Norma Shearer, in her sheer little gown...but when I realized who that was behind her, I totally got scared. As if Leslie's gonna finish kissing her shoulder, look up at me and wink.

  2. Thank you Ginger! You should take some shots of your work area too. I'd love to see it. Consider yourself Tagged!

    You like the header? I'm actually quite disappointed with it. I love the picture, just not how I designed it. It is a great seductive scene. Plus you can tell Norma ain't wearing much of anything beneath that silk dress.

  3. Nicely decorated cubicle indeed!
    Mine is messier but contains pretty much the same stuff as yours, including the obligatory Audrey photo.

  4. Love the post! It's always fun to see how others decorate their cube.

    I had to move an aisle over two weeks ago and I can't find anything in my "new" cube - I need to redecorate again. It's funny to see co-workers ask, "uh, who's that on your wall."

  5. Jonas & Carrie - Thank you for your comments. I'd love to see pictures of your work areas too!

  6. Will do. Though mine's a bit messier. :)

  7. Raquelle,
    What about this?

    I heard you didn't understand my blog so I decided to go international... :)

  8. Ginger - Messy nests are okay by me.

    Jonas - AWESOME! Thank you. I love that you have my blog on your screen. I'm going to do a follow up of my work-nest post and I'll definitely link to this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  9. I was in Paris the time A Girl Cut in Two was coming out.. I never got to the film then (as my french isn't good enough) but, my God, it was advertised absolutely everywhere! I didn't realise how much of a star director Chabrol still is in France until that point. If only we treated our great directors in Britain like that! Loach still has to search for funding..

  10. I love, love, love Audrey Hepburn. And this picture you have of her looks really great. She looks really fab!


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