Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothing much now, but things will get better!

There is not a lot going on, Classic Film-wise. It's funny how these things work. Sometimes, I have a million things I want to write and I end up writing a whole bunch of new posts all at once and stage them out so as not to flood the blog an overwhelming amount of verbiage. And other times ideas are scarce and the blog becomes a wasteland of silence. I hope that this is only temporary and the flow of ideas will soon return.

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  1. Sorry things are so quiet for you, Raquelle.

    I wish things were quiet here...we've got a hurricane on its way. ;)


    I think Metropolis is 1927. It's one of my favorite movies ever, and when I list it, I try to keep it distant from the 2001 Japanese film, so '(1927)' is sort of burned in my memory. :)


    I joined Facebook, by the way...but don't know how to find your page, or what to do with my own. :)


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