Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ultimate Norma Shearer Fan

A friend of mine on Facebook is the ultimate Norma Shearer fan. Her profile page is plastered with Norma Shearer mentions. She owns the official Norma Shearer member page and fan group on the website. She even lists her religion as "Norma Shearer Worshipper". While all of this must seem mundane, she showed her true devotion recently with something that even astounded myself. And I consider myself quite a fan. She had the name "Norma Shearer" tattooed on what looks to be her forearm. For many reasons, I would not post the picture or even indicate this person's name, but I thought it worthy of a post. Now it is one thing to have an image of a celebrity tattooed on your body (it can be considered artwork in addition to radical devotion), but it is quite another to have their name tattooed. I was quite amazed. I wonder what Norma would think if she were still alive?

DISCLAIMER: Please withhold your judgment as getting a tattoo is a very personal decision and everyone has their own reasons for getting one. I'm just posting this as an interesting story to share.

All in the name of the queen. Long live the queen.
Tout en la nom de la Reine. Vive la Reine.


  1. Gosh! Maybe I should reconsider my general aversion to put grafitti on the human body. What a strange idea, but attractive in a sort of perverse way :)

  2. I watch LA Ink on the Discovery Channel. One woman got an awesome tattoo of Vincent Price on her forearm. The artist who did the work specializes in portraits - it was a beaut. Looked like a charcoal drawing but very detailed. I'd go for that...

  3. I think that would be a quite the tribute indeed. Norma Shearer was a fabulous actress,and by displaying her on her arm it will open up more doors for people unaware of Norma to maybe pick up a classic film and watch it.


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