Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking a Break

I'm taking a bit of a break from posting. I have 2 weeks left of my last class, in my last semester of Grad school and I'll need to concentrate on that. Plus I need to deal with some personal stuff.

However, I am looking forward to some things coming up.

1) Post about Teacher's Pet (1957)
2) Watching Bette Davis films at the Brattle Theater
3) Finishing The Star Machine
4) Mickey Rooney! (more on that later)
5) Reading Choking on Marlon Brando
6) Having more time to read and watch movies! Yay!

If you are still interested in being a guest blogger, please send me a post. I'll make sure to post it here in a timely manner.



  1. Good luck with your last two weeks of Graduates school. :)

  2. Good luck, and welcome to the Lamb!


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