Monday, June 2, 2008

New Discovery - Young Leslie Nielsen

I have made a new discovery. Well not, exactly new, since it's about 50 years ago, but "new" to me at least. Leslie Nielsen was HOT. Yes, I have a humongous crush on the young Leslie Nielsen after seeing him in Tammy and the Bachelor (1957) (see my previous post about the Tammy movies). Wow! And he's half-naked in at least two scenes. And water is involved. Either from swimming or from rain. Move aside hunka Kirk Douglas, young Leslie Nielsen is giving you a run for your money!

Don't believe me? Still think he's just that old guy with great hair from all those spoofs? Well get over it. I know I had to, since I still think about him as the narrator of one my favorite kids' show Katie & Orbie as well as Mr. Magoo! But I was willing to put that all aside and embrace the hotness. I bring to you evidence in the form of pictures. And sorry, I didn't include any of him fully-clothed. That would defeat the purpose.

My heart beats so joyfully
To think of hot Leslie Nielsen
Dripping wet in swim trunks
Raquelle, Raquelle,
Raquelle's in Love


  1. Raquelle, you never cease to amaze me. Those Leslie Nielsen pictures are great! Who would have known?!

  2. I never in a million years knew Leslie Nielsen was hot! :)

    How gorgeous is he in that third picture there...

    I love the little poem you wrote for him, too.

    Perhaps I should pen 'An Ode to Ray Milland'. ;)

    Such great ideas here...and you mentioned being jealous of my blog! The first time I came across yours, I was so jealous, I thought, Why can't my blog be more like hers? :)

  3. I saw him in something and was a little surprised too. Ransom maybe.

    of course, given Vincent Price's early career as a stud, nothing really surprises me anymore.

  4. Kevin - You know me. I'm boy crazy!

    Ginger - Please let me know when you pen the Ode to Ray Milland!! I want to read it.

    Andrew - I love it when any preconceived notions or images I have of someone are completely shattered (in a good way!). Yes Vincent Price was a good looking guy! Very elegant and stately.

  5. Oh wow, and I had seen Leslie in Ransom and The Forbidden Planet, but these shots are so great. He was a looker indeed!

  6. I'd always thought of him as a senior citizen until I caught "Forbidden Planet". That's when I saw this guy that looked strangely familiar. I almost choked on my popcorn when I realized it was Nielsen.

  7. I would never have thought it either. I watched Forbidden Planet for the first time the other day and yeah, Young Leslie Nielsen is hawt.

  8. I just saw Tammy and the Bachelor for the first time tonight, and my jaw was on the FLOOR. What a total dream-boat!! Who knew?!


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