Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Partying Norma Shearer Style

My good friend Kevin had his 30th Birthday party on Saturday night. On his invitation, it suggested that people dress as their favorite movie character. I decided to dress up as Norma Shearer when she played Jerry in The Divorcee (1930). There was one particular outfit she had on that I wanted to try to duplicate. It was a silk v-neck blouse with long sleeves (I'm guessing it's cream) and a high-waisted skirt. She also sports a cocktail ring and an art-deco necklace. And of course, her crown of curls which was Queen Norma Shearer's trademark. I like to think that my version was a contemporary take on that one outfit. I even had my hair done and don red lipstick to complete the ensemble. I'm happy to say that lots of other people joined in. Of those who were there included Clifton Webb, Carmen Miranda, one of the Slapshot Hanson brothers, Elaine Page's Juno, Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra, Faye Dunaway's Bonnie and Warren Beatty's Clyde, and even Johnny Depp's. One of my favorites was Olivia Newton-John's Kira from Xanadu.

Below is my original inspiration as well as me and Kevin (he's dressed up as James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause).


  1. Over at Golden Age of Hollywood, Karma moved your lovely GAOH "audition poise" photo into my friends window. I don't mess with Karma. Once I read that I missed the party where you wore that dress and went as Norma Shearer, I instantly regretted missing that party.

    Come visit my Blogger work sometime at Gold Coast Bluenote. Today's lead is on Sting in the mid-80s. Just click on my pen name, Paco Malo, above.

  2. Oh, ya'll look wonderful! How fun! :)

    I would have went as either A) Scarlett O'Hara, B) Princess Ann/Anya before she cuts her hair, but after buying the Greek goddess sandles, or C) Ingrid Bergman in Notorious when she wore that dramatic black dress...

    As mentioned, I haven't seen that many Norma Shearer films, but I have seen The Divorcee, and she is absolutely luminous in that one!


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