Friday, May 23, 2008

Queen Norma Shearer Viewing

I thought after yesterday's post, that I should probably track my progress on here. This list is only 58 movies. I think I may have removed some lost or destroyed ones when I originally made this list.

Norma Shearer

The Flapper (1920)*
Way Down East (1920)*
The Stealers (1920)
The Man Who Paid (1922)
The Bootleggers (1922)
Channing of the Northwest (1922)
Lucretia Lombard (1923)
A Clouded Name (1923)
Man and Wife (1923)
The Devil’s Partner (1923)
The Wanters (1923)
Pleasure Mad (1923)
Trail of the Law (1923)
The Snob (1924)
The Wolf Man (1924)
Broadway After Dark (1924)
Broken Barriers (1924)
Married Flirts (1924)
Empty Hands (1924)
He Who Gets Slapped (1924) ~ seen part then misplaced tape!
Excuse Me (1925)
Lady of the Night (1925) *
Waking Up the Town (1925)
A Slave to Fashion (1925)
Pretty Ladies (1925)
The Tower of Lies (1925)
His Secretary (1925)
The Devil’s Circus (1926)
The Waning Sex (1926)
Upstage (1926)
Too Many Wives (1927)
The Demi-Bride (1927)
After Midnight (1927)
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1928) *
The Latest From Paris (1928)
The Actress (1928)
A Lady of Chance (1928) *
The Trial of Mary Dugan (1929)
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929)
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929) ~ coming up!
Their Own Desire (1929) ~ taped!
The Divorcee (1930) *
Let Us Be Gay (1930) ~ coming up!
Stolen Jools (1931)*
Strangers May Kiss (1931) *
A Free Soul (1931) *
Private Lives (1931) *
Smilin’ Through (1932)
Strange Interlude (1932)
Riptide (1934) *
The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934) *
Romeo and Juliet (1937) ~ can't quite finish this for some reason.
Marie Antoinette (1938) *
Idiot’s Delight (1939) *
The Women (1939) *
Escape (1940) *
We Were Dancing (1942) *
Her Cardboard Lover (1942) *


  1. Thank you so much for this list--I am a big Norma Shearer fan! So far I've seen 7 on the list and like you hope to see them all! She's amazing!!!

  2. You can't finish Romeo and Juliet?? I just watched it a couple of nights ago for the third time this year. :)


    I've only seen four of these Norma Shearer films.

    I like how you keep track of how many films you've seen of each of your favorite actresses...I've been meaning to do something similiar for my favorite men. I think Jimmy Stewart would probably be the winner.

  3. Bonnie - Isn't she? There is something so captivating about watching her on screen.

    Ginger - It's easier to keep track if the actor or actress had a short career or did a limited number of movies.

    I have to say, Norma doesn't quite do as well in the period pieces. She's too over the top. And I don't buy her as a 14 year old Juliet! She's more in her element playing a contemporary character for her time.


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