Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dinner and a Movie and a Nightcap

I've been out of the loop lately, hence no recent posts. Ever since classes ended I've been watching contemporary movies such as 300 (2006), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), The Condemned (2007) (I know I'm sorry, I was sucked in by the concept) and La Vie En Rose/La Môme (2007).

Yesterday, however, I treated myself to something really special. My friends Kevin and Dana and I went out for dinner and a movie. We went to Harvard Square and stopped at Veggie Planet for some vegetarian pizzas. It's a really cool place that not only serves delicious food but also makes a point to be mindful in how they run their business. They donate to worthy causes, use cheeses with vegetable renet and organic produce on their pizzas and they support a non-profit bakery by exclusively using their dough. A pizza you can feel good about eating. And that's what we did.

Afterwards we headed to the Brattle Theatre for a 7 pm showing of The Apartment (1960). The Brattle is another local gem. This theater shows a variety of classic films (one of the reasons why I love them so) as well as indie and foreign flicks. Their schedules are based on themes, concepts, particular actors or directors, marathons, etc. (I bet you are seething with jealousy right about now, wishing you had a place like this nearby). Yesterday night, they were featuring two films by director Billy Wilder, (the other one being Some Like it Hot).

I LOVE The Apartment. This is one of my top favorite films ever. I like to consider it one of the original romantic comedies. But calling it a romcom is also doing it a disservice. It's a comedic romance with a dramatic edge. It's an office drama with something extra. I love the chemistry between Jack Lemmon and Shirely Maclaine. They are both lovable pushovers that you root for until the end. And you cheer for them when they tap into that inner strength they never knew they had! I think Jack Lemmon was just absolutely adorable (he reminds me somewhat of my dad) and Shirley Maclaine is arguably one of the most captivating women on screen. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Irma la Douce so I can see these two in action again.

Watching this film on the big screen was a genuine treat. There were things I got to experience (dramatic music and spotting a clever positioned product placement!) that I couldn't watching this film at home. Aftewards, Kevin and Dana and I headed further into Harvard to find ourselves another treat for a nightcap. We went to the BerryLine which was highly recommended by the blog of all blogs

Even at 9:30pm, this little shop had a line out the door! They have the most amazing frozen yogurt. You can build your own treat by selecting one, two or three toppings from an array of fresh fruits or other sweet selections. I ate my mango & strawberry topped yogurt with absolute delight. The perfect nightcap to a great outing. I could definitely get used to this!

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  1. I love The Apartment too! And Berry Line, obviously :) Very cool blog...I'll always remember watching Morvern Callar in Donoghue's class!



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