Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Graduate... Me, not the Movie

Yesterday, I sort of kind of graduated. With a star my name on the program, I walked across stage and got a diploma... folder (empty). I have 4 more credits left, one more class, and I'm done. But instead of waiting until next year's commencement, my school let me "graduate". I got to wear a funky robe with flippy flaps and a cool white, purple, yellow and black hood (which none of knew how to wear!). It was a great psuedo-moment spurring me on to finish that one last class so I can receive my diploma and validate that experience (which was genuinely great).

When I got to work this morning several presents were awaiting me. My department got me flowers, a card, a plush and a cake for congratulations. I was truly honored!!! The other present was very unusual. So unusual, but so great that it merited a post on this blog. Alongside a musical card that played graduation music, was seemingly inconspicuous wrapped present. As I tore off the beautiful wrapping paper, my jaw dropped as I saw what was inside. It was the Billy Wilder Film Collection Boxed Set. My colleague and friend Susan has given me this amazingly thoughtful gift. It came complete with a gift receipt which I promptly ripped into pieces and threw away because there was NO WAY I would ever return this. I now own Some Like it Hot (1959), The Apartment (1960), The Fortune Cookie (1966) and Kiss Me, Stupid (1964). Yay!

Thank you Susan!!!

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  1. Congratulations on graduating! And for the Billy Wilder. :)


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