Monday, December 24, 2007

Robert Mitchum's Sad Eyes: Holiday Affair (1949)

I'm not quite sure how I had forgotten about this film, seeing as its really my most favorite Christmas film, but I did. Luckily, I rediscovered it when TCM had it on rotation and On Demand this month. This absolutely a superb, quiet and heartfelt Christmas movie. The story goes that Howard Hughes wanted to clean up Robert Mitchum's reputation after the whole marijuana/jail scandal. So he took him out of his usual tough guy roles and put him in a sweet romantic Christmas story. Hughes also had a huge crush on Janet Leigh and borrowed her from MGM so that she could be in this RKO film. The result: amazing!! I don't feel that I express my love enough for Robert Mitchum. That is quite a shame because he is by far my most favorite actor ever! There is no one, and I mean no one that tops him in my book. His acting style was so effortless and his charm so intoxicating that anytime I watch one of his films, I feel like I've been privileged to see something very grand. In Holiday Affair (1949), Robert Mitchum plays Steve Mason, a toy shop employee who is saving money to move to California to build sailboats by taking odd jobs in Manhattan. Janet Leigh is the widowed mother of one, who falls for Mitchum, but has to deal with the complicated dynamic of already have a psuedo-fiancee, not being able to let go of her dead husband's memory and her young son's idealism. We get to see wonderful sides of Mitchum here. He is romantic! He is self-sacrificing! He is good with children! He is kind! What more could a fan like me who hearts Robert Mitchum to the nth degree ask for? ::swoon::


  1. I started watching it the other night & decided to TiVo it since it was getting late. I'm up through the fireplace scene with Robert & Wendell - I'm hooked...

    Holiday wishes!

  2. My favorite scene is the Christmas dinner! Excellent! I hope you enjoy it Carrie.

    Did Robert Montgomery ever make a Christmas flick?

  3. Finished it the other night - I like, I like!

    Bob didn't have any "pure" Christmas flicks - Sins of the Children & holiday-in-the-background Lady in the Lake come to mind. Nothing says Christmas like film noir!

  4. I love this film and it's the very first RM picture I ever saw. Since then I have practically seen every movie he's ever made.

    I have a question...has anyone ever seen a trailer for Holiday Affair? I'd love to find it online to watch it or if its a extra on any dvds somewhere.

  5. According to Robert Osbourne it was the first film Bob made after serving his sentence. Its a great heart warming movie I loved every second of it.. Christmas or not I love to pop some popcorn and put the movie on. Another heart warming Bob movie I LOVE is "Rachel and the Stranger"except no matter how many times I watch it-I HATE the ending. I so wanted Rachel (Loretta Young)to leave with Mitchum instead she chooses to stay with Big Dave (William Holden)get real! What red blooded American woman would have chosen Holden over Mitchum!? So Holiday Affair was more believable ,Connie breaks up with Carl and runs off with her son and Steve


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