Thursday, December 20, 2007

Queue Chaos Management

My Netflix queue was at ::gasp:: 334 movies!!! 334! There is absolutely no way I can humanly watch that many movies in the forseeable future. When I'm in school, I usually watch comfort shows and films for respit (usually repitions) and an ocassional new film (or old as it usually is the case). When I'm out of school, I try to devour as many films as I can. But my queue of taped films (those movies not available on DVD) AND my Netflix queue are overwhelming me.

So what did I do today? I cleared out my Netflix queue. I blindly took everything out and added 10 titles I really want to see. My queue is now clear for the addition of films I really want to see and those that were personally recommended to me. And this way these films don't get lost in the chaotic shuffle of my too long queue.

Anyone else have this problem? An itchy "Add" trigger finger? The constant need to add to your own to-be-watched list?
Here are the 10 movies now on my new shortened queue:

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