Friday, July 30, 2021

TCM: Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics by John Malahy

Summer Movies
30 Sun-Drenched Classics 
by John Malahy
Foreword by Leonard Maltin
TCM and Running Press
Hardcover ISBN: 9780762499298
June 2021
208 pages

Summer Movies: "an underappreciated category of movies — those that depict the experiences, traditions and delights of the summer season." — John Malahy

Summer is my favorite season and there is just something really special about movies set during this time of year. Whether they depict the joy (or stress) of vacation and travel, different rites of passage, reconnecting with nature, transitions in life or the imminent danger that sometimes comes with hot weather, there is something unique about these films that make them highly watchable all year round. 

In Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics, author John Malahy spotlights 30 summer themed classics from Lonesome (1928) to Call Me By Your Name (2017) (which just happened to be two of my top favorite movies). Each film is selected not only for its summer setting but also for its cultural impact. Each film is presented with 6 pages including an article, photos, stats, Vacation Inspiration which offers advice on how to turn the film experience into a real life vacation, and a companion film. Movie plots are summarized for the main titles which can be either a nice refresher if you've seen the film or give a bit too much away if you haven't. The Make It a Double Feature section was the highlight for me as Malahy perfectly pairs an often lesser known film that ties in beautifully with the featured one. There are lots of gems to discover there. 

Some of the films featured include: Moon Over Miami, State Fair, Key Largo, Rear Window, The Seven Year Itch, Picnic, Gidget, Parent Trap, The Endless Summer, The Graduate, Jaws, On Golden Pond and much more.

The author has a way with words that makes this book a delight to read and the design of the book is just absolutely stunning. It's a compact size which makes it the perfect book to pop into your summer tote bag and bring with you to the beach.

Summer Movies features an introduction by Leonard Maltin. The lack of diversity in the book is addressed in the opening chapter (I really appreciate that this was addressed!). The book offers a light dose of both trivia and context with some wonderful images and quality design. This is another winner from the TCM and Running Press line of books!

This is my second review for the 2021 Summer Reading Challenge.

Thank you to Running Press for a copy of the book for review.

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