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New & Upcoming Classic Film Books (13)

It's that time again when I offer my dear readers a bevvy of bookish delights that are ready to make a dent in your bank account and find a home in your personal library. There are so many good offerings this Fall. I know I say that every time but each new round-up continues to amaze me.

Are you new to my list? Here are the details.

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Books include biographies, memoirs, scholarly texts, coffee table books and more from a variety of publishers. Publication dates range from July to December 2019 (with a few May titles thrown in) and these are subject to change.

A few notes about this list. I've included a few books that are not classic film ones per say but might pique your interest. Also, there are some titles that will publish during the July-December time frame that won't be featured here because they were included in my last round-up. So make sure to check that post for more bookish goodness. If something is missing, feel free to contact me with the details and I'll add it to the list!

Happy reading!

edited by Paul Duncan
680 pages – May 2019

by Mary Sheeran
Aquafire Solis
480 pages – May 2019

by David Parkinson
Laurence King Publishing
216 pages – August 2019

Dances in Literature and Cinema
Hannah Durkin
University of Illinois Press
280 pages – August 2019

Now available in paperback
by Marie Benedict
Sourcesbooks Landmark
336 pages – August 2019

50 years of The Italian Job Hardcover
by Matthew Field
Porter Press
176 pages – August 2019

by James D’Arc
Gibbs Smith
320 pages – August 2019

The Women Who Changed the Way We Look
by Tamsin Blanchard
Laurence King Publishing
232 pages – September 2019

Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion
by Henry-Jean Servat and Brigitte Bardot
256 pages – September 2019

Princess in Dior
by Florence Muller and Frederic Mitterrand
foreword by Princes Albert II of Monaco
152 pages – September 2019

by Steven Rea
Chronicle Books
120 pages – September 2019

Her Life and Career
by Peter Shelley
214 pages – September 2019

Inside the Private World of Classic American Moviemaking
by Rocky Lang and Barbara Hall
Foreword by Peter Bogdanovich
352 pages – September 2019

The Life and Career of a Reluctant Star Paperback
by Michael D. Rinella
245 pages – September 2019

A Biography Including Her 1941 Memoir
by Louise Carley Lewisson
175 pages – September 2019

by Melissa J. Hayes
Colin Slater's The Hollywood Photo Archive
Lyons Press
160 pages – September 2019

George Gershwin’s Life in Music
by Richard Crawford
W.W. Norton & Company
560 pages – September 2019

by Allen Glover
256 pages – September 2019

A Lot to Remember
by Rebecca Cline
160 pages – September 2019

A Lifetime of Movie Glamour, Art and High Fashion
by Leonard Stanley and Mark A. Vieira
foreword by Robin Adrian
352 pages – October 2019

The History of Oscar-Winning Women
by Stephen Tapert
Foreword by Roxane Gay
Rutgers University Press
250 pages – October 2019

Stories that Inspired Great Crime Films
edited by Otto Penzler
Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
1200 pages – October 2019

by Sarah Broughton
Parthian Books
180 pages – October 2019

Hope, Heartbreak, and Hollywood Classics
by Sydney Ladensohn Stern
University Press of Mississippi
464 pages – October 2019

A Cat Lover's Introduction to Film Studies
by Daisuke Miyao
University of Hawaii Press
216 pages – October 2019

The Story of Marlon Brando
by William J. Mann
736 pages – October 2019

Faith Bacon, Sally Rand, and the Golden Age of the Showgirl
by Leslie Zemeckis
336 pages – October 2019

The Untold Story of the Costellos
by Terry Chester Shulman
University Press of Kentucky
260 pages – October 2019

Cinema and the Preservation of the British Empire
by Tom Rice
University of California Press
360 pages – October 2019

A Revolution in Design
by Tony Nourmand, Graham Marsh, Christopher Frayling
Reel Art Press
288 pages – October 2019

The Director’s Notebook
by Randal Kleiser
Harper Design
208 pages – October 2019

A Memoir of My Hollywood Years
by Julie Andrews with Emma Walton Hamilton
Hachette Books
352 pages – October 2019

A Comprehensive Guide to Duke’s Movies, Quotes, Achievements and More
by the Official John Wayne Magazine
Media Lab Books
336 pages – October 2019

A Life in Letters
edited by Jo Evans and Breixo Viejo
608 pages – September 2019

Cedric Gibbons and the Art of the Golden Age of Hollywood
by Howard Gutner
Lyons Press
288 pages – October 2019

The Essential 1,000 Films to See
edited by Wallace Schroeder
curated by A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis
1248 pages – October 2019

A Toast to Hollywood
by Cider Mill Press
Cider Mill Press
240 pages – October 2019

The Untold Story of the Women Who Transformed the World of Disney and Made Cinematic History
by Nathalia Holt
Little, Brown and Company
400 pages – October 2019

by Simon Brew
240 pages – October 2019

A History of the Film Star
by Michael Newton
Reaktion Books
448 pages – October 2019

Sidney Lumet
The Actor’s Director
by Aubrey Malone
200 pages – October 2019

by Fred Bronson
Carlton Books
168 pages – October 2019

Rod Serling and the Birth of Television
by Koren Shadmi
Life Drawn
168 pages – October 2019

On Cinema, Women and Changing Times
by Laura Mulvey
Reaktion Books
240 pages – November 2019

50 Years of Looking for America
by Steve Bingen
Lyons Press
240 pages – November 2019

edited by Delia Malia Caparoso Konzett
Rutgers University Press
314 pages – November 2019

My Fifty Years Editing Hollywood Hits
by Paul Hirsch
Chicago Review Press
448 pages – November 2019

Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism
by Malcom Turvey
Columbia University Press
352 pages – November 2019

(Cover pending!)

The Big Apple on the Big Screen
by Christian Blauvelt
Running Press – Turner Classic Movies
168 pages – November 2019

by Maurizio Baroni
Gingko Press Inc.
352 pages – November 2019

New York Genius
by James Kaplan
Yale University Press
416 pages – November 2019

by John Kobal
introduction by Robert Dance
University Press of Mississippi
496 pages – November 2019

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory
A History and Filmography of His Studio and His Keystone and Mack Sennett Comedies, With Biographies of Players and Personnel
by Brent E. Walker
671 pages – November 2019

Mike Nichols as Remembered by 103 of His Closest Friends
by Ash Carter and Sam Kashner
Henry Holt and Co
304 pages – November 2019

by Jeanine Basinger
656 pages – November 2019

The Unsung Heroes & Villains of the Silver Screen
by Steve Carver and C. Courtney Joyner
Foreword by Roger Corman
Edition Olms
256 pages – November 2019

by Sue Matheson
Rowman & Littlefield
480 pages – December 2019

Race and Labor in Post-Civil Rights Hollywood
by Eithne Quinn
Columbia University Press
288 pages – December 2019

His Life and His Films
Maura Spiegel
St. Martin’s Press
384 pages – December 2019

by Robert B. Pippin
University of Chicago Press
312 pages – December 2019

by Michael Hammond
SUNY Press
320 pages – December 2019
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Dynamic Dames
50 Leading Ladies Who Made History
by Sloan De Forest
Foreword by Julie Newmar
TCM and Running Press
248 pages – July 2019

Arthur Penn's Night Moves and the Rise of Neo-Noir 
by Matthew Asprey Gear
Jorvik Press
178 pages – May 2019

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