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Updated July 2017

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  1. Hello, I just stumbled across your page on Twitter and thought it would be worthwhile to post a comment as another film blogger. I'll confess it's not exclusively classic film; I kinda like to do a bit of everything, but I've done a few articles on classical Hollywood you might enjoy. In fact I've just recently published my 100th article, in which I talk about a classic film, or at least I think it's a classic. I'm not sure precisely what your cutoff dates are (I personally label films as classical that are released between 1930 and 1960):

    I do have a few blogathons going on. I did recently start a relay based on classical Hollywood. I've already selected a user to take over but perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts on my choices:

    I also do have this one blogathon event for July. It's not exclusively classical but perhaps you could find one or two great characters from classical films to contribute for it: I know Katherine Hepburn's played a few good ones and of course you could find quite a few just by going through Howard Hawks' career.


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