Sunday, April 29, 2018

TCM Classic Film Festival 2018: Recap #2

On the first full day of the TCM Classic Film Festival, I was furiously preparing for my red carpet interviews. This is the third year in a row that I've been able to greet and interview guests as they walk the carpet for the opening night premiere.

Before I headed over to the TCL Chinese Theatre courtyard, Jay of Cinema Shame and The #Bond_Age_ Project, Jessica of Comet Over Hollywood and I recorded a TCMFF themed episode of the Cinema Shame podcast. Stay tuned for that one! We'll also be reconvening post-fest for a follow-up episode. I didn't get a picture with both Jay and Jessica so here are selfies to commemorate.

Then I headed to the red carpet for probably the most hectic and energetic premiere I've attended. Between Martin Scorsese zipping down the red carpet, Paul Sorvino singing opera to the crowd, Mel Brooks cracking jokes and Norman Lloyd charming the pants off of everybody, there was much to enjoy.

I got quite a good number of interviews. Some short ones but some longer ones too. I'll be doing a full recap of my red carpet experience with lots of great photos and will be posting video interviews on my YouTube channel very soon.

I only had time for one just one of the two movies. I went to the cold war drama Fail-Safe (1964). Lillian Michelson did the research for this one! I was exhausted after red carpet so I had to bail early. Will be watching the full thing at home and will report back. Screenwriter Walter Bernstein couldn't be there but Ben Mankiewicz stepped in with a wonderfully detailed introduction and short audience Q&A.

I'll have more recaps and full in-depth posts coming your way.

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