Friday, April 27, 2018

TCM Classic Film Festival 2018: Recap #1

My trip to California started off at lightning speed and I'm only now just able to catch my breath. I'm here in Hollywood for the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival. This is my sixth fest and it's always a surreal feeling when I'm actually here. I take a moment to appreciate it when I'm standing in line for a movie otherwise all the amazing moments fight for my attention and I don't stop to appreciate where I am.

First stop in Los Angeles is always In-n-Out Burger. We pick up our car rental and head straight to the one just outside the LAX.

Later that evening we headed to Burbank for a dinner with Robby of Dear Old Hollywood and his adorable family. We ate at Pinocchio's and had a great casual Italian meal.

On Wednesday we had a full day. I picked up my badge and goodie bag at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel before the start of the festival. Here's a look at what I got!

We traveled to the Motion Picture and Television Fund home in Woodland Hills for a very special visit. When we arrived we took a gander at the Roddy McDowall rose garden and sculpture.

The reason for our visit was to have lunch with Daniel Raim, Jennifer Raim and Lillian Michelson all of the documentary Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story. All of you know how much I gush about this movie. I've reviewed it, interviewed Daniel Raim, hosted a Twitter chat (that trended!) when TCM aired the doc. So it was really gracious of Lillian to host a lunch for all of us at the MPTF home. And I'll tell you right now, this was a day I will never forget. We talked for hours and I didn't want to leave. In fact I had such a great time that if we had flown back that night and not done anything else I would have said that was an amazing trip to be remembered forever.

I'm grateful for Daniel, Jennifer and Lillian for being so gracious and welcoming Carlos and I! And a special thanks to Lillian for hosting the lunch.

After peeling myself away from that amazing experience, I headed back to Hollywood for a TCMFF press event. We mingled with lots of press and bloggers and TCM staffers and TCM general manager Jennifer Dorian kicked off the event with a speech. She spoke to some of the highlights of the festival this year and I got so excited more so than I have been which is saying a lot.

Then we headed to Kitchen 24 for a dinner with some of my blogger friends.

And even more friends were waiting for us at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel for TCM's Social Influencers Mixer. Thanks to Marya for hosting us! I got to chat with lots of friends and colleagues and got to take a ridiculous amount of selfies.

Carlos, Jessica, Matt from Warner Archive and me!

Raquel and Rachel

Joel and me!

Casey, Meg, Carlos and me

Raquel and Karen of The Dark Pages

Stay tuned as I'll have more recaps for when the festival kicks off including Thursday's red carpet!


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